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  1. That plant is nice, but the interior design of that car is awful and so non-functional.

  2. Thanks a bunch. It's definitely been a journey!

  3. I can only imagine the crazy emotional roller oaster it's taken you to get here.

  4. Except when he's doing it on a ball that doesn't go over the wall.

  5. I know what you mean, they did it in the 3rd season of stranger things and other shows and it's stupid.

  6. 100% Bring your dog to the pet stores, but otherwise it stays at home or outside.

  7. I mean....is accurate. My favorite is "tropical foliage"

  8. You should skip Wendy's and start mowing all those shitty lawns for money in that neighborhood.

  9. Yeah it cost 26 dollars to fill a 5 gallon gas can for my mower. My lawns going to look like this soon too

  10. 10G max and that's after you've checked under it and verified how it's supported. Otherwise that's a risky game

  11. It's probably just surface protein from the water building up on the leaves and growing mold. There's nothing wrong with it, it's not the plants themselves getting moldy. Maybe more surface agitation would help, but personally I wouldn't worry about it

  12. It's not meant to be a ramp, it's shaped that way to keep people from sitting there. It's more like

  13. I'm saving this to read later on a big monitor because it looks super interesting

  14. It's really great to hear your thoughts, thank you. It's actually the first time someone has said that, that they make sense. I really like that term :-)

  15. Well I'm glad you feel that way because your post opened my mind to the idea that might be the reason that dating feels different at this age and why expectations always come with hesitation. It just doesn't have the same hopeful passion as it did in the formative years. I appreciate your insight and self awareness, it was valuable to me

  16. If you'd ever like a friend to commiserate with on getting old, I'm volunteering

  17. He probably hates the job and is trying to get fired for unemoyment benefits

  18. They go by lots of names, we called them black caps. They are not poisonous and they are very delicious!

  19. This is one of my most favorite movies. I've watched so many times and I'm always sad when it's over

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