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  • By - hkpp


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  1. There is a Snake somewhere in there regardless of how it looks. I hate lakes

  2. The thing looks too much like a mouse for me to enjoy this.

  3. Stop wasting chocolate says fat me

  4. Stop wasting chocolate says fat me

  5. You should bought her a drink instead

  6. Not Christian or religious for that matter but to be fair.. 1- there are many countries, not towns, countries where you can’t build or practice Christianity. 2-If there is something I have learned is that racism is not exclusive to any country, race or religion. 3- Americans get picked on a lot, but they are actually quite cool. I’d like to see him do a similar thing within the UK. We all know that the whole Meghan Markel thing is just stinking of hidden racism.

  7. Have you lived in China, India, Russia, the Middle East, America?

  8. Yes, most of them. My comment still stands. Tasmania is the only place in the world where and intentional genocide has ever succeeded.

  9. And…. When the argument is lost the insults follow….

  10. Update: I'm trying to use Avail and it's an absolute fucking nightmare. Cursor just stops clicking, and can't connect my bank account via plaid and can't sent the lease to the tenant. unbelievable. nothing is fucking easy. customer support has no fucking clue.

  11. Wow My experience has been completely different. I find it very easy to use. I do wish they had an app though.

  12. I only have one door. I think I'm gonna pay the $5/month for avail so they can set up automatic payments and it looks like they keep track of maintenance if I upload pics and receipts.

  13. And that is why you should carry a gun, because sometimes first responders will not be the first responders.

  14. Or maybe not let crazies carry a gun that can kill people that quickly…. Like every other fucking developed country, you dumb bird.

  15. I don’t think that the “furever” was intentional, but that makes it even better.

  16. No f’ng cheese on this dish please. You need an exorcism.

  17. Am I the only one thinking C or F?

  18. Philly did this with I-95 back in 1978-79 as it parallels the Delaware waterfront. The problem is they didn’t build anything functional over it so the highway simply divided the waterfront from the rest of the city.

  19. If you think Russia would have even stood a chance without Germany being pressured from all sides then you are kidding yourself. Not to mention the US is pretty much the only major power that had a presence in the Pacific Theater.

  20. Nobody would have, but Russia suffered the majority of loses and played the biggest role of all the countries involved. There is not doubt about it. You are also incorrect about the pacific theater and you should look up the Tehran conference of 1943. Now, enough of a free history lesson for you today. I usually get paid for these.

  21. If I were it would. Nah, I am American who knows history. On the other hand, you are just someone that when loses and argument resources to insult. Read more, insult less.

  22. Which queen? Because there are many in the world

  23. ONLY IF PROVEN FALSE. Otherwise, this will lead to all kinds of men trying to say they were falsely accused when they actually did it. And women may lose steam to fight a problem that definitely exists. But I hear you. Several folks have been accused and did time for something they didn't do...

  24. That is precisely what “falsely accuse” implies.

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