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  1. I have the real one cuz I could find the rep version...bought a lil under retail (I think around €180). Worth every €. The quality is insane

  2. tf man? i see em at at least $500 for my size.

  3. What are some affordable quality brands that are not reps?

  4. Tissot. Hamilton (particularily the Khaki field automatic)

  5. They look fine to me but I don't have it in hand rn, if you do want a more solid budget piece I'd suggest to go with this one. Also the ones I got do not have a homme plise tag just in case you wanna know

  6. u got the 99yuan one right? Can you let me know how it is when u get it in hand? I'm very impulsive so my dumb ass bought 2 already, i don't wanna buy another one or cancel it. I just wanna know how fabric is, i don't want some plasticky feeling pants.

  7. Yeah the 99 yuan one and I gotchu, my parcel processed in Canada a day ago, should be in hand in a week or so I'll let you know then

  8. i ordered it last night with Wegobuy, idk how long it's gonna take for it to get to Toronto. thanks man, keep me updated. It's tough to evaluate reps they take soo long to even get here.

  9. They’re elastic so you can pretty much get any size, im the same size waist as you and they fit perfect

  10. lol i'm hunting these pants on the net after seeing Harry talk about em soo much, i love how they look but can't justify the price or even find em available, you vouch for the rep quality wise ? I'm like 6'1 so i'll have to be careful when looking through sizes.

  11. Yeah man quality is bang on I wear them a lot and they’re still in good condition

  12. Are they nice enough for summer/hot weather? And do they have a drawstring? Thanks for the reply!

  13. Only recently getting into gourmands perfumes, first one that blew me away was the well known , "Unknown Pleasures " from House of Kerosene.

  14. Second this! Came to say the same. Another I love from Kerosene is Follow, which smells like the bestest and coziest coffee shop you’ve ever been in

  15. there is some i really love from Le Bon Parfumeur, i have to come back to update this comment with the number because it's 3am and i don't wanna get out of bed to check haha.

  16. I believe they’re two different batches. I was experimenting to figure out which seller I would buy from in the future. They both feel good though, not plastic-y at all.

  17. i got 2 black ones from the same seller you got, i'm 6'1 ( 188cm) hope they fit and feel fine. I got em in L and XL

  18. sell it , buy 10 sunglasses from DHgate Wait for 10 i5 processors to come. repeat Profit???

  19. Whaaat ? I love that song, maybe i'm biased because my first radiohead album was Hail To The Thief.

  20. I can imagine The Smile on their faces when they found out.

  21. Not really..i was 2 years old. I wish tho.

  22. Looking for a long lasting gourmand. I’m a sucker for anything that smells very sweet, love don’t be shy, bon bon, bff by Kim kardashian, lost cherry. The only note that I do not enjoy is coffee but I basically want to smell like a delicious dessert all the time. Price is no object!

  23. Bon Parfumeur "402" , i am sampling it rn, it smells like delicious toffee and vanilla, creamy. Has almond notes and flowers. The vanilla reminds me of the scent from the Petit Marseillais vanilla soap. (one of my favs)

  24. This is the beginning song of my Debut EP "Analogue Tears"

  25. I like the 80s and 90s electronica for sure, and this did not disappoint! You got that vibe down for sure, very Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears. It feels a little flat, I think the drums could have a little more weight in the mix, and that it could benefit from a little more low-end impact. But I love what you are doing melodically and I really dig the synth tones. Could definitely see some really cool songwriting and harmonies over this too! Liked and followed!

  26. Thanks for the follow! I was worried about that, i'm not too great at mastering or "tuning" sounds yet , as i initially learned to make rough sounding electronic beats. I will take your advice and do more polishing. I have an EP planned, if you dig it, please do message me and let me hear your thoughts on it when it comes out.

  27. does anyone know anywhere i can buy JustFog Minifit pods in Canada?

  28. Congrats on getting married/ engagement! I wish i had the money at the moment, i'd get it from you! Great watch.

  29. Any fans of Radiohead and weird experimental electronic music?

  30. Big Radiohead fan, I’m interested in hearing what you make!

  31. I'm making more 80s pop/electronic but i'll send u my radiohead inspired tracks, dm me on reddit!

  32. What was your previous bachelors? I see you mention one.

  33. It was my first proper one as well, 38mm is my sweetspot personally. I'm wearing it rn on a sweet perlon strap from C&B

  34. I read this post as "What is the worst part about being fat in prison?"

  35. Why are you calling them chicks in this context? That just seems kind of degrading.

  36. the meme says hoes and you saying this guy is referring to women in a degrading way?

  37. I'm more concerned about how he only poops once every 2 weeks. That's a long time for all that waste to just be chilling in your body.

  38. Wait, are candidates normally openly religious in the states?

  39. Well..my 2nd year was the covid year, because my first year was 2019.

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