1. He calls it sunstrike, he is the arsenal magus, maybe after so many names he started to get more artistic.. “wow this is yellow and comes from above, I’m going to call The Magnificent Karl Big Saffron Load.. no wait, better to call Sunstrike”

  2. Stop this madness 😵‍💫

  3. Wow immortal drama.. We ppl of the lower casts don’t have such drama, it’s like a jungle uuuga bumgaaaa techies rapier Midas kind of life… it’s fun to see you guys struggling at mount Olímpus 😂😂😂

  4. Whips, any whip is fun, not really the best weapon but very funny

  5. I hate pudge so much that it’s my permanent ban

  6. Herald is a lawless land, you can do almost w/e and still get away with it if you manage to farm a little

  7. What a weird outfit haha

  8. It’s all about the journey, not the destination

  9. 5 soft supports it’s the only choice, versatile masters

  10. Dark willow and when she goes to fairy world, she becomes golden with flying glitter and fire glitter balls at the enemies.. the rest is irrelevant

  11. That’s life tarnished.. pure cold and unfair life.. we like because we can relate

  12. Hahaha iron, steel, same same but different

  13. Yes, I was actually surprised with his effort, not a negative comment tbh, I know because I have some silvers and golds but not even close to this

  14. “”Welcome to the “Never git gud clan”. A place where you just play for fun and to explore the content, enjoy, we are happy to have thee here””

  15. Why? The devil shouldn’t be used as inspiration, and this mfker is the worst kind of evil

  16. The best part of this is that BOC actually is keen to perfection and probably comfort, because he kind roast us when he notice we are doing alterations without him.. so.. that’s accurate hahah Also I have seen ppl calling Malenia several names, including you calling her Melania, so close enough 😂

  17. Wow, that’s nice, I have a switch, might give it a try later

  18. What a fuck, that’s a thing? What’s the purpose? I’ve never heard of it in my 7 years of dota

  19. it used to be a popular mode in the WC3 implementation of dota. Kinda like -wtf, it was a just-for-fun non competitive mode

  20. Thanks mate, you an unusual kind redditer In this community, have a nice day!

  21. Why Regal? He was chill and nice to fight, with a cool environment

  22. I don’t think so, the ranked system isn’t related I reckon so you might need to play some rankeds if you want to avoid that

  23. Go there and try to pet him to see what happens to you.. that lil big bitch deserves it

  24. How do you get the frog helmet?

  25. Dota isn’t fun most of the times, but when it’s fun, oh boy is so exciting that no other game can match.. so yeah, I play for those moments and endure the shit moments

  26. No. Cold uchi is a lot better- cold uchi has lower stat requirements (obviously, they're the same as normal uchi) both blood AND cold buildup, and it's good buildup- you get 38 blood, and 105 cold buildup at fully upgraded, Moonveil only gets 50 blood buildup, and while many bosses are resistant to blood buildup, almost none of them are resistant to cold buildup, and you still get to use unsheathe ash of war (yes, you can add the same ash of war as what the weapon is already using, this way the move stays the same, but you get the ability to choose different enchantment.) the only thing you're sacrificing for all that good stuff, is a bit of base damage, when compared to Moonveil...

  27. Hahaha You answered a comment with 70 days 😂

  28. It’s part of my motivation to NG+ tbh

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