1. July 24th, 1981, Boston Garden. Fair Warning.

  2. Also, Ed was wearing the red/white striped shirt with white knickers, Roth had the white w orange stripe pants, Mikey green flight suit, and I think Alex had the Pittsburgh Pirates pants on, no shirt, hot AF in that joint

  3. I was freaking out when Mike came on stage. With the helmet I didn't recognize him. All was good when he took it off.

  4. Yeah I guess Dave did that every night..."gimme some jungle, man...that's fuckin RED man, I said jungle! lights turn bright green, crowd goes wild...but it sure seemed spontaneous to everyone there.

  5. Yes, if you antagonize Abagail as Arthur enough, you'll hear it before long. Arthur has a lot of creative things to say when he's grumpy lol.

  6. Just stopped in cause I want to say that Vince had great and original musical interpretations in his playing with the band, and also contributed some interesting original material as well.

  7. The entire camp eats him. Pearson tells Artie “Even Micah donated meat for the stew!”

  8. There's a point you just gotta give up on getting clean kills on the wolves and just turn into that Danny Devito meme with the sidearms.

  9. I did respect that, though. When all was going to hell, the man kept his standards, and stuck to his guns. I have no such standards. I would have just started tossin' molotovs or dynamite at the lot of them, lawmen and wolves alike. I ain't got time to play that game right now, I'm a survivor, at all costs. I can get my perfect wolf later.

  10. I imagine they all went their separate ways once Arthur died

  11. Few of them wolves ain't goin' nowhere

  12. Joe's kryptonite...a ham & swiss! Gotta love it. Maybe he was eating the other Jokers & production staff out of house & home, now it's all making sense to me! Lmfao

  13. Yes it is. I love the way Joe named that sandwich from 20 yards lol

  14. That was 2000. If you want to see how bad Trey was during Vegas 04, all of his interview segments on the IT DVD were filmed during that run. He looks and sounds awful.

  15. Freshly-showered, fresh leather jacket, nothing could disguise the fact that he was up for days

  16. It would appear automod removed your comment. Terribly sorry, will work on this in the future

  17. Carouselambra, Tea For One, Four Sticks

  18. Thank you and Greetings from Denmark:) Wonder if you can help me build storys and facts with the pictures ? That would be so cool:)

  19. Sure, if I can help, I'll post some details of your pics. Nice work!

  20. This is from early 1978. It feels more like a photo-shoot than an actual live gig, and may be an out-take from the video shoot where they lip-synced "You Really Got Me" & "Jaime's Cryin".

  21. this is probably correct but someone else suggested crayon and frankly thats funnier

  22. Shamon, hoo hoo dude was rockin' jheri for eons heee

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