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Mizkiff says sexual assault wasent a "big deal" and that "no one cared about it"

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  1. All we've learned so far is that you have to call 311 the day after but also within 48 hours. So since our pickup is Tuesday they'll only put in the ticket if we call Wednesday or Thursday.

  2. Maybe a longshot... could I get you to print me a pair of these? Happy to pay for your time. I am in US (austin, tx). I have a new steamroller and these would be so perfect..

  3. Sure can, please DM me you shipping info and measure the current length of your Straggler Surly logo since the KM logo is bigger.

  4. Yeah I'm kinda angry at them for that, but when I mentioned it they did seem genuinely surprised. I hope my refund goes through but with the way Blizzard is I feel like they will charge me all 3 months I paid for despite only playing for like 10 minutes.

  5. They are usually pretty good about refunds

  6. I would avoid aluminum axle nuts. You can likely find the nuts you need at a hardware store. But I'd still probably recommend going to a small local bike shop, they should set you up for pretty cheap, with nuts you know will work.

  7. lbs just bent my fork trying to set a crown race for me. I'll have to travel a bit further I suppose.

  8. I always use a weak aura to check in game

  9. what is the purpose of the top tube protector?

  10. With risers? Not much. If you are running drops, they are meant to protect the top tube. On this bike, definite tarck points. Even if this bike had drops, they wouldn't hit that spot.

  11. oh wow hah. that is super interesting, thank you. glad I have no history with it or desire for one

  12. yes but the nut by the bolt head is a locking nut that goes against the tensioner once the proper tension is set.

  13. Right, I just mean the 2 stageish area that sits against the frame. is that designed to fit multiple frame sizes like that, or does it just fit against my frame by chance?

  14. yes it's a universal "one size fits most" for horizontal dropouts with 10mm axle. you can run different length chains on different length dropouts and tune it to your liking.

  15. Your tank posts are the reason I started a tank. Just crossed the 5month mark

  16. I found him during the Rust era and he was constantly running around trying to ride bigger streamers coattails. I realized then he was just going to do whatever he had to to be relevant, no matter the cost. Never watched him since.

  17. His entire existence is the result of this. He moved to Austin because that’s where the other big streamers were.

  18. Gotta show love for the toxic apollo. Was a sad day when I had to sell mine.


  20. I got one just a couple months ago & LOVE it for commuting. I haven’t taken it on any dirt trails but I think it it should handle a basic bike path easily. The bottom bracket on mine was a bit loose but otherwise it seems well made & should hold up to 100+ miles a week, I’d say.

  21. I remember my first pepper joe purchase haha

  22. Maybe cayennes? I agree doesn’t seem like Serrano

  23. hi. also a fellow new dad. how you liking those grips? I have sweaty hands

  24. I used to ride a 3x?? surly disc trucker** from 2013 I believe that I slowly converted to a "gravel bike" to 1x11. I don't ride more than 10-25 miles at a time and kinda fell off when my son was born. He's 8 months old now and I wfh so I am able to sneak out a ride here and there.

  25. The Savannah Bananas sounds excellent. Savannah Gnats? Sounds like something you need a spray for.

  26. the gnats in savannah are fuckin' gnarly. my parents moved us away on that reasoning alone


  28. sorry, woulda added it myself but was on my phone and didn't want to forget. thank you what you for what you are doing here (love your username).

  29. When you're so "high-end" that you aren't even able to eat your fish like a grownup. Snob people are cancer.

  30. TIL I am neither "high-end" nor can I "eat my fish like a grownup".

  31. I hate that more people don't know this. I've seen people post here that have actually glued theirs down to the rock work or had them on frag plugs.

  32. this is my largest coral at about 8-9 inches across, so it gets a spot in the sand. I always research the heck out of coral placement. I hate moving them. If they can find the spot they prefer on their own that's a win in my mind.

  33. It used to be a lot closer to that glass on the right. Invaded my space Didn't know they could do that, but it looks happier than ever?

  34. I'd like to do this. What guide did you use? I used a boosted char so I should have all quests available..

  35. I bought the restedxp 70-71 guide, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. It essentially comes down to just doing dungeon quests and finding all the items that start quests. Some of the quests want you to grind rep, and that just doesn’t seem like a big enough return on investment to me.

  36. If you have ALREADY decided Ulduar needs to be tuned and it's gear needs a buff to longevity I can't think of a more elegant or natural way to do it. Bring back pre patch difficulty, un nerf the hard modes but make the HM gear better.

  37. what would you tell a noob/casual dad to roll from a head of LC perspective?

  38. yeah. I don't think it'll be easy to snag a tank spot. disc/lock/hunter seems best from an ease of getting gear given to me pov

  39. So I am dungeon grinding with 4 others and leveling as holy priest. I was looking at tier lists for healers and they say it’s in last place :(. Anyway, in your opinion should I switch and just focus on disc or maybe level a holy pally?

  40. Holy priest is me than fine, people are metagaming so hard it ruins the fun.

  41. It must be so frustrating to jump that high for a dunk only to be blocked by this 7'7 dude who didn't even bother to jump

  42. Yeah but I can't picture Manute getting more than 6 inches off the ground even if he did jump

  43. Oh, I know it. I just wonder how frustrating it is to have someone 2ft shorter than you jumping 4ft higher.

  44. I enjoy that this post has been relevant more than once since posting

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