1. Guerrilla Marketing you mean

  2. Still cant understand how Ajay Devgan managed to become a lead hero for this long .I mean with bolly stndard he doesn't fit as hero

  3. He's a Nepo kid. That's why he survived this long.

  4. Big B :- Dekha aapne Devi ji laparwahi ka nateeja?

  5. Neymar's WWE entrance would be him rolling down the ramp

  6. https://giphy.com/gifs/69u9cJaOdjG1y

  7. Her net worth today is 115 million dollars 💸

  8. Great. Don't do that in la liga or ucl, ok?

  9. My Ex when she sees me in public events

  10. Salman has got some kills too

  11. Its like guru and disciple thing between those two. Just like the camaraderie between Dilip Kumar and Manoj Kumar.

  12. Or Esha Deol. People forget that she even had a filmy career.

  13. Very good Character Actor. RIP

  14. He was a powerhouse performer in Marathi industry and theatre. He was not just a character actor.

  15. I knew him only through Bollywood

  16. Allah hamesha apni hifazat me rakhe aapko

  17. Apne Kursiyo ki pethi bandh lijiye.... Mausam bigadne wala hai...

  18. Lol, coz they failed in Bollywood mainstream.Both did movies as main lead and multi starrer but it failed. No one went to watch their movies as simple as that.

  19. Because that popularity will not translate to box office numbers. That's the audience, they will praise all, but will go to see only few.

  20. Divyendu Sharma & Ali Fazal, Richa Chadha da marad.


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