1. Joined Hinge May 2022. This time around with OLD I'm making a lot less effort. Even after a connection with so much potential was blown up (either because of the guy's genuine mental health struggles or him saying this as an excuse) I didn't delete and forced myself to go on another date when my heart wasn't in it. I don't know if I'll delete it anytime soon. It's just there and I don't check it daily.

  2. When the vaccines began rolling out, the lack of appropriate side effect/death reporting is what put me solidly against the vaccines, and made me demand more data.

  3. My friend's husband had chest pains after his shot. He went to his doctor, was told it was psychosomatic and he'd seen a lot of that post vaccine. The husband claimed within a few days the pain went away so he concluded the doctor must have been right, it had just been in his head.

  4. I sincerely hope the Iranian people are successful. Maybe 70 years after the overthrow of their democratically elected Prime Minister, they will finally get their democracy.

  5. Dental health should have been be part of single-payer, universal health care from the beginning. Now that the government is moving towards universal dental health (thanks to the NDP), there are bound to be bugs as it's implemented. Better something for people now, no matter how buggy, than nothing at all.

  6. What if we are just not interested? Unless mandated why should I? There are lots and lots of different cultures with a variety of backgrounds, some with horrific pasts, but I am not interested in all of them. Some of them I like, such as my background, but not Indigenous culture. Is that a crime? Are Indigenous people going to take courses about how poorly my Jewish ancestors were treated in Canada? Or my co-workers black ancestors? Downvote me all you want, I am being honest and pretty sure accurately reflecting the attitude of my co-workers.

  7. I've taken the San Yas indigenous course. It's super fun for all the non-indigineous participants to get to introduce yourself by skin colour and add "settler".

  8. But think of all the benefits gained! Like...ummm...funding to help keep certain political parties in power. And...uhhh...

  9. Besides the US, how many countries now won't allow in non-COVID vaccinated?

  10. I believe next up is having the EA inquiry and other pandemic mandate investigations go forward, cabinet privacy or not.

  11. I mean there's stuff like this now coming out (CBC publishing a Canadian Press story):

  12. There is a pro-mask doctor in Alberta that has filed a complaint saying that dropping mandates violate his human rights. The horseshoe is complete.

  13. Wow, a CBC investigative piece for a change. I guess Radio Canada hasn't quite given up on integrity like English CBC.

  14. I was highly impressed by the article though I suppose it's convenient timing with their provincial election.

  15. What are the odds of it landing on the country sub? Early enough in the day before the COVIDIAN bots will come out to bash any negativity towards pandemic handling.

  16. yeah i get the joke ("entomology-bug", and "etymology-words"), it's "...heh" at most.

  17. I like it. It will weed out the umm..."intellectually challenged" shall we say?

  18. A divorce is fine, shows someone is willing to commit. "Separated" is more iffy to me as you come across some people people claiming this as their status, but still living together. Nope, nope, nope.

  19. Naturally acquired immunity: good for your physical life, not good enough for your lifestyle (in the form of still existing mandates like going to the US or, in my area-applying for jobs with certain employers).

  20. If they haven't already left, they probably don't want to go...

  21. Well, I may not have had a reddit love match, but I have recently received an offer to be some redditor's sugar baby! What could go wrong?

  22. i did english and poli sci so anything where I can work in an office doing a 9-5. So far I've been applying to

  23. Try insurance. Lots of companies have positions for new grads.

  24. There should be better parameters on both declaring and ending a pandemic. COVID 19 wasn't triggered by any activity more unusual than what you see in a bad flu year. With H1N1 it was the number of unusual hospital cases- younger people- that triggered that pandemic. And historically pandemics just fizzled out after people stopped talking about them. For me H1N1 seemed over right before Christmas 2009. I think the WHO didn't declare it over for another 5 months and it wasn't a big announcement or anything.

  25. I'm not sure what's new here? For years when people registered a vehicle in BC you've had to write in the sale price (unless transferring between related individuals) and pay the tax to ICBC via the broker if you weren't dealing with a pst registrant (like a dealership).

  26. Totes seafood market, nothing to see here!

  27. Thank jeebus this is confirmed! The stress of not knowing was eating away at me!

  28. Monte is a good looking guy and she didn’t have all the information we did. I can kind of forgive it, but Queen got what was hers regardless!

  29. Once he opened his mouth and his personality showed, he dropped from a 9 to a 6.

  30. Tofu scramble. Throw in peppers, mushrooms, onion and my fav- lots of hot sauce.

  31. I know you live in a nice rich Liberal neighborhood but people have to drive to get to work. So how do you think the food and other things you need get to the stores. They get delivered on trucks and are driven in cars. So since you think vehicles are so bad how do your propose food and others things get to stores?

  32. Northeast to southwest in the city travel is abysmal. I can get to downtown no problem, but anywhere else is a hassle.

  33. I've only been in the Vancouver airport transferring flights one time so haven't seen the city before. What does everyone do there? Surely there must be people with ordinary day jobs who have to pay these absurd costs for everything? How do they do it?

  34. We also get lower salaries than much of the country. Called the sunshine tax. The City of Vancouver bragged about it a few years ago when trying to get Amazon to set up a second headquarters.

  35. This is sad, but it doesn't seem to me like covid directly caused his death at all.

  36. The health struggles following transplant just maybe, MAYBE is a clue here. Maybe.

  37. I swear to God, if it is revealed that these vaccines actually cause fertility issues, I will 100% lose my temper. I think a lot of people would be pissed with me too.

  38. I have a friend who had 1 period in 8 months after her shots. She saw a doctor who commented she might need to be treated for infertility. She decided to live it up before treatment.

  39. Look, Dr Mattias Desmet is Dutch (or perhaps Flemish, either way it doesn't matter) raises eyebrows knowingly we allllllllll know what that means, regardless of the fact that he speaks the truth.

  40. OK, maybe it's gone over my head, but what are you implying?

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