To all shills who say a reverse split does nothing: Explain THIS. COSM did a reverse split which forced naked short sellers to close, price went from $0.33 to $23.01. (23.01 / 0.33) x 100 = almost 7000% increase in price! BBBY is probably naked shorted even more than that!

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  1. You should electroplate it in a thin layer of gold or use some copper spray or something

  2. Hey guys im gonna buy the FLSUN Super Racer, yall recomend it?

  3. Well I just bought it, ill let you know how it runs

  4. Anything can be a 🔦you just have to have the balls to do it

  5. BBBY at 1 cent 💵💵💵💵💵

  6. Absolutely! Keeps its level, prints smooth, and easy to use

  7. That’s great! I might buy one. What were some hiccups you had?

  8. So a big hiccup at first was getting it leveled. Highly recommend you skip out on the auto leveling feature and do it manually. Much more even that way. That’s about the only thing

  9. How do you manually level a auto level printer?

  10. Hmmm, someone on this forum is going to mock you and spout, 'buyer's remorse' like he knows everything.

  11. Read the comment replies you will see that I did mention

  12. If you got it from Amazon work with their return system. If you got it direct, good luck.

  13. I got it from creality. I hear there return policy is shit

  14. Make your nozzle tmp 193 and the bed 67. Then make sure your bed is best level, if it is and it’s still not sticking the bed decrease the z offset and apply the changes while printing. Maybe then just try adding some adhesive layer to the bed to help stick the filimant

  15. Make sure the bed is level. Also maybe later the bed with some kind of adhesive. If your bed is best level, maybe just decrease the Z offset and then apply the changes while printing until it starts sticking to the bed

  16. Sing it with me: BBBY is going Under A Dollar 👏 👏 BBBY is going Under A Dollar 👏👏

  17. Well you don’t have to wait anymore

  18. The point that people pay thousands of dollars for this shit baffles me

  19. The wizard said this at $20 as well

  20. What would you recommend I change?

  21. I can send images to you of the settings I have when I get home

  22. I’m sure going under 1.00 was part of the plan all along wasn’t it lmao

  23. Y didn’t you buy more today son?

  24. Be shocked if that happened! I’m still holding 400

  25. Doesn’t that mean bankrupt? Silicon Valley bank dead lmao

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