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  1. I believe the law started a few years back after a pretty well known lady committed suicide due to all the constant online doxxing, slander, brigading, and harassment.

  2. That wasn't a few years ago, that was only a couple and the law existed beforehand

  3. I find it funny (in a very worrying way) that the overwhelming response to that tweet is “We can’t have fun any more” as if they think it’s perfectly fine for them to possible do irreparable damage to an innocent person’s career for the “lulz”

  4. Voices aren't copyrightable and AI should be open source.

  5. Generals(and leaders) George Wallace and Strom Thurmond in COR

  6. Half of the black revolt is just any famous black person in American during the 30s, Jackie Robinson for example is a general.

  7. Cool post, have fun with your vision while hemmoraging users that will go to sites with freer AIs, I guess. If this statement isn't a lie. I actually do respect you for sticking with what you want out of it. Even if I personally disagree. What you've started is great, but you've chosen to ignore the customer and that will likely lead to your downfall. Have fun!

  8. Seriously people? I can write the same shit and tell a story of how d3vs working for China and their plan is to use us as their guinea pigs, to develop mechanisms to influence public opinion through bots and improve commie propaganda machine.

  9. Again, I don't disagree with you, I'm just putting a bit of hope out there y'know?

  10. Corporatism as they practiced it didn't end capitalism, it enforced class collaboration and nearly always settled labour disputes in favour of capital. Private ownership of capital was also not abolished in their system.

  11. Ignore OP, he doesn't get the point of why we're complaining

  12. Oh nice, government actually being non-transparent for once.

  13. Join the discord. but the most recent thing teased is Vietnam trees

  14. It depends, they should make a section that lets them do that since there are characters that are children and minors.

  15. You guys are genuinely going insane for horniness. They have exponentially more users than ever before, of course there’s going to be site degradation and performance loss.

  16. Even if that's the case, the refusal to be transparent about anything is part of the problem.

  17. I'm guessing that "saftey checks" might be a code phrase for the local bitch (Local bitch being my code phrase for "The thing")

  18. That's exactly what I mean. It's the internal phrase for it because while we see it for what it is. They see it as a safety measure to prevent another Tay

  19. There's people on other places (4chan to be particular) who think nothing is going to come of this and that it's just going to be a big corpo-speak ramble of appeasement while actually doing nothing about the problem.

  20. Kiara had a superchat around when she first debuted about a 2 year old watching her and she interacted with the bab-

  21. I swear 70% of this sub is under 14

  22. I'm sad because I've never been part of an online community where a 4ch*n-ish mob of inc*ls has invaded and is hellbent on destroying everything. I know it happens all the time, but this is the first time it's affected me directly. CAI has been, well, not really a lifesaver per se, but it's the most amazing public AI so far, and it's sad to see the d*v*lop*rs harassed and threatened the way these mobs do. (And tbh, I'm more than a bit sad that this subreddit hasn't cracked down on it.) *waits to get downvoted into oblivion*

  23. The thing got lifted for like an hour and people realized without the thing that the chats had better performance overall.

  24. Honestly, my expectation on allowing a toggle would be a two-part feature. One, the toggle itself, and two, a way to mark bots by what they're based on. For instance, a bot based off of an underage character could be marked as underage, so you wouldn't be able to do that sort of thing with it even with the toggle turned off.

  25. The best solution would be an age gate(which probably would require a fee) , followed by toggles for both your account and the character made.

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