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  1. fast fashion brands

  2. If dadza doesnt go ahead then I will stab some undead child/j

  3. My lungs hurt. I can't tell if it's just from them being weak or if it's from laughter. Help.

  4. Bro I walk away from the smp for a few months and now they're planning deaths and endings????? Huh?????

  5. It would make sense to maybe have someone take c!technoblades last life and then make a whole bunch of bs behind it

  6. This explained it better then anything ive ever watched, didnt even know the syndicate was involved

  7. I would believe that cc!tommy or c!Tommy would name a snake William Snakespeare

  8. Like this: Heavy calliber tripod mounted little old number designed by me. Built by me. And you best hope... not pointed at you.

  9. Context, a friend asks what me and my gf are doing, “not much, just us 2 Lesbeing ourselves”

  10. My mother says I make “too many silly noises” My friends say it gives me personality

  11. Honestly I think the child is the A hole for following a Tiktok trend that wasnt gunna go well it the first place, overall you are NTA

  12. The girl in the pub just near the gates of Whiterun, not that she actually deserves it, but honestly shes the best pick imo

  13. I heard a shiny zubat while flying and quickly dropped off my bird but mid air it noticed me and hit me with the starly and started to fly away. My latest save was in town so I did not get my green bat

  14. Dispatch all officers immediately we have a MandJTV offender! HAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  15. Just remember, nobody can be an “Average Grunty Boi Fan” we are all “Average Grunty Boi Enjoyers” no offense to Grunty_Boi_Fan1

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