Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed a law guaranteeing free breakfast and lunch for all students in the state, regardless of how much money their parents make. Tens of thousands of food-insecure kids will benefit.

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  1. Cool using Immersed to do this. I use PCVR and use Game VROOM to play really unique mapping and use of controllers and interaction to play pc games.

  2. Very impressive graphics. That. UE5 under the hood? How are you handling motion sickness?

  3. The way Disney is milking Star Wars, eh?

  4. Milking has such s negative connotation. If you have a popular universe and characters, why not use then?

  5. Yeah wish we had Immersed VR like what quest 2 has. Immersed VR is actually usable for productivity with pass through

  6. Yeah. We did have vSpatial but it was just pulled by the devs to focus on quest. So no proper remote display tool exists for pcvr at the moment.

  7. Basically i open apps on the cliff house and navigate with controllers and use voice for input. I did a video a while back. You can see it here

  8. Set a new universe set in the golden age with Superman's first appearance in June of '38. Then Batman in '39. Work your way up in order of major character's first appearances (and first incarnations). Retell golden age stories as period pieces.

  9. See, I like this idea. Thought they should do this with James Bond also. Start just post Ww2 and have it dark and gritty. Great idea.

  10. I'm looking forward to Tempest Rising later this year.

  11. It's the ultimate virtue signaling for guilty white parents

  12. This means Medicaid will cover the same gender-affirming care private insurance does.

  13. What I'm looking for is what "gender affirming care" consists of. How is that defined? Health insurance typically requires and covers some medical condition or disorder. Simple example, diabetes care. Just trying to understand where this fits.

  14. The law defines it as “any medically necessary treatment consistent with current clinical standards of care” for a condition related to the patient’s gender identity, specifically WPATH standards. That includes, according to the bill, HRT, puberty blockers, hair alteration, voice therapy, top surgery, bottom surgery etc.

  15. I enjoyed it except for the casting of Flash. Ezra never felt right even before knowing about his personal issues.

  16. This is already s thing everywhere. Kids can get free meals at any school through processes already in place. Great photo op though.

  17. That’s almost exactly what my Batman theater looked like, and I live in a very populated area.

  18. This. There is a lot of talk about movies falling because it's not a good movie. I think at least part of the issue is the shift to in home viewing. I don't even think about going to the theater any more. 4-6 months this will be available for $10 to stream and in a year on HBO. It's going to be the rare Top Gun Maverick that has any chance in the future of movie houses.

  19. Quest pro is great for the Meta ecosystem and pc productivity like Workrooms or Immersed. That's said, it's not so great for PCVR based platforms and gaming. The graphics take a hit regardless of using link cable and are simply superior on the G2.

  20. Zen vr is great. More then just a guided experience, it actually teaches you meditation techniques.

  21. No, of course not. It is full of plenty of errors.

  22. They asked Why or Why not. Can you give your reason?

  23. I did. Because it is objectively full of errors. We do not live on a flat disc surrounded by a solid dome, just for starters.

  24. Help me out, where did it say this? That aside, you see no truth or value in this or any other religious text? Sincere question, if it were proven true, would you want to believe it?

  25. Nice. I think most Quest VR users don't understand the power of this feature. I recently used my laptop while in Star Wars pinball using the Desktop remote beta feature!

  26. Agree. A great app and productivity feature. I use my windows laptop in my Quest vr headset using the Immersed app and this app extends the reach while in the headset to include use of my phone.

  27. Just give me AR glasses that emulate my phone and a hand tracking interaction system and I'm in.

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