1. It’s unlikely to be an emergency, especially if it’s the crown that’s discoloured and not your tooth underneath.

  2. Kinda looks like calculus buildup

  3. NAD. I have had bad luck with composite fillings in my molars in the past, when they are large and your bite is off as much as mine, the composite fillings just couldn’t hold up to the pressure and popped out. You’re seeing grey flakes now, wow, sounds like the dentist is using amalgam, which is great for molars and no one will see them because they are in the back teeth

  4. Ahhh yes personal anecdotes the strongest form of evidence

  5. Flood picks, they also have reusable versions that use normal floss

  6. Till I get my waxed floss picks delivered, what could I put on my regular floss picks to act as a wax? Normal floss picks and floss shred easily between my teeth, gets stuck and I'm always worried it's gonna rip my tooth off

  7. Try toothpaste but might not work

  8. I think more often than not it comes down to people not prioritizing saving for their oral health. Lots of people who complain that they don’t have money for dental care on this page have other posts about buying new cars, buying video games etc. Not always the case but very common.

  9. I know in Canada they use septo for blocks but I was taught not to in the US due to increased complication risk. I know it’s still very low but hypothetically if a patient sues will using septo make you more liable?

  10. Rinse with water after. Drink them quickly (vs slowly as the faster = less time your mouth is acidic) and just try to drink less.

  11. It’s impossible to get anyone on the phone but the website is full of topics like “Higher bills? Here are ways to save.” Which basically say don’t use any lights or appliances or heaters or anything except from midnight to 3am.

  12. Blame your government. CA authorized the rate increases.

  13. Every time you buy a Zyn can put the same amount of $ in a defined savings area for a dental exam/cleaning at the very least. Prioritizing oral health now will be cheaper in the long run and is doable. Good luck!

  14. Whiten but then you have to wait a week or 2 before starting the fillings

  15. you cant just abandon a patient without reason. but the easy out is to state that "the doctor-patient relationship has been irreparably damaged and that emergency treatment will be provided (for 30 days) to provide the patient adequate time to find a new treating dentist"

  16. Can’t the reason be as simple as “I don’t think we’re the right dental office for you” and 30 days of emergency care makes it not abandonment?

  17. yeah. its essentially the same as saying the doctor-patient relationship is damaged. unfortunately its patient abandonment if you just drop patients in care w/o a legally documented reason. you cant just dislike a patient and tell them "i dont think were right for you". you should legally have a written and signed letter with the reason your dropping them (irreparable damage to the doc-pt relationship, sounds a whole lot better in a legal document then saying "were not the right office for you"...saying that almost seems like some of the blame is on the office as they are the ones that arent right for that person)

  18. we dont know how your wisdom teeth are, are they causing your teeth to compact, is it half within the gum? or is it perfectly lined up with the rest of the teeth? usually they arent, so extraction is recommended.1 reason it had cavity is probably because it is located far back and hard to clean, or the compacting causing cracks that eventually breaks.

  19. Wisdom teeth don’t push your teeth towards the middle and cause crowding, that’s an old wives tale

  20. it sure did to me, i had one of my tooth next to the wisdom tooth causing constant pressure and chipped off eventually. i dont have the extra space so it is forcing itself out.

  21. Wisdom teeth can erupt into adjacent teeth causing cavities/resorption of the tooth but they won’t physically push all your teeth towards the middle

  22. So, after filing off a back tooth they fit in my mouth. I tried to get a photo of my mouth relaxed, but it caused a gag. There’s a bit of pouching under the bottom lip, and I need to have some removed where my tongue sits.

  23. Gagging is a symptom that the VDO is too high!

  24. You don’t think there will ever be a way to stain or bleach dentin white?

  25. The dentin is under the enamel so no without killing the tooth. Bleaching on RCT can even cause resorption

  26. Some people are born tall/short, conventionally attractive/not, smarter etc. such is life

  27. Tell them you think insurance will cover ___ but if it doesn’t then you have to pay the difference before you start the procedure

  28. Restoration margin may be leaking

  29. You maybe right and I'm not attacking every dentist. The interaction that happened was odd. The hygienist saw the soft enamel and thought it was the beginning of a cavity but dentist insisted it would be a root canal. I don't remember if she saw the xray. I'm going to get a copy of the xray and get a 2nd opinion. Thanks.

  30. A hygienist isn’t qualified to make that diagnosis.

  31. it’s because any damages pge is liable for it can be pushed onto customers. so every time they burn down a town and every house that a power pole falls into we’re the ones paying for it.

  32. The California utilities commission approves the rate increases btw

  33. Using the 2 lateral incisors as abutment teeth for your 2 centrals is not a good idea. It violates antes law because the root surface of the teeth you are replacing is larger than the teeth you are using to support the bridge. If you are looking for a temporary solution that isn’t ideal but won’t remove as much tooth as a bridge could be a cantilever bonded to the backs of the laterals/canines. It wouldn’t be super strong but may work for awhile if you’re careful.

  34. Charcoal adds to the abrasiveness typically but look at the posted abrasiveness of the toothpaste and compare it to others.

  35. To do crown lengthening they have to lay a flap anyways. Not sure why they can’t just manage the soft tissue during that procedure + when they suture it back. I don’t have as much experience but in my opinion it does seem excessive to charge for it in addition to crown lengthening. The other fees are very low.

  36. Without x-rays or an exam I can’t really give an opinion but I can say that no pain does not mean no infection/hopeless decay. Seen lots of patients who never had any pain despite multiple teeth fully decayed to the gum line etc

  37. How do you know it has no cavity? What has your dentist said?

  38. I will definitely ask the next time they're in for xrays if that's something that's already spotted. Do most people choose to crown those still?

  39. Definitely has genetic components. Treatment depends on size of the tooth and patient preference. Sometimes a little composite can be added as a crown is aggressive on a tooth with little structure to begin with.

  40. Gotcha - husband had a crown put on his, we assume. As a kid he was informed it was a "cap" but he recalls it being ground down to a nub and it not feeling great during that process, but it now looks totally standard and hasn't needed a replacement ever - it has been over 20 years at this point, and he didn't even know until a few years ago that it wasn't a permanent fix

  41. Tooth bonding technology has improved a lot over time! And yes all fillings, crowns, veneers etc will eventually need replacing. Even implants don’t always last forever and can have issues.

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