1. Apparently China needs to take a lesson out of American football and tackle the fucker

  2. Title sounds like a Dhar Mann video

  3. Damn they move so fast and efficiently like a real police squad

  4. It’s funny because it’s the same thing over and over again, just like the response from the government.

  5. Meanwhile teachers clicking the pause button in the bottom left

  6. Good lord it’s a tik tok in a news program in an instagram post in an instagram post in a tik tok in reddit

  7. I yell Cobain when I make a shot, because Kurt never missed

  8. I yell Cobain when I stop myself from shooting because Kurt never shot

  9. Did he just slap the dudes ass at the end there

  10. The “good guys” weren’t all that good to be fair. There really were no good guys.

  11. Been having a lot of fun with Marvel Snap. It’s the only card game I’ve ever played and its simplicity but complexity keep the game fresh and easy to learn.

  12. I actually play with his steamy deck all the time. I love playing with his steamy deck while I’m on the road or at home.

  13. Guns n Roses Appetite for Destruction is a big one too

  14. Well apparently you guys were too dumb to get into APUSH

  15. It’s happening with LAUSD teachers and assistants right now, schools are having to be shut down.

  16. Ok well one of those busses missed his left turn back there and now he has to be late to work because someone took away his car and shoved his ass on a bus.

  17. Fatal wound? You got any sources for that?

  18. Another reason why I don’t go to Planet Fitness

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