This incredible moment when little Mia discovers the pleasure of being able to walk with prostheses.

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  1. I'd agree about the slenderman movie but the Jacob's ladder remake was God awful

  2. Pretty recently yeah, trust me when i say it's not worth your time. Just rewatch the original!!

  3. I mean you might not agree with what they are doing but wishing death on people just means your a trash human.

  4. Just watched X (2022).. man the elderly lady wigged me out massively. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it tbh.

  5. My current vpn (Nord) is about to expire, is there any others that users find better before i commit to another few years with nord?

  6. It's horrible what was allowed to happen to the native Americans. As a foreigner I was led to believe Custer was some kind of hero to the American people. I'm glad justice was served in the end.

  7. Dear Zachary if you count docos

  8. I'm in exactly the same boat as you except I'm 23 and a guy. Everything else though? Is scarily accurate. I don't have the answers at all but I just want you to know that there's others out there who get what your going through. I don't know what the mental health services are like where you are but I find that they help for me when I'm having a meltdown and I can use them as a sounding board. Maybe try a different psychologist?

  9. So do you guys reccomend rewatching/watching the starwars movies before kicking off with the new starwars universe tv shows? I have seen the original starwars movies ages ago but not the newer ones. Want to go into the mandalorian the right way if that makes sense.

  10. Do you still have to land people with claims you want to press in ck3 like you had to in ck2?

  11. I split off a new army (H Key) but no knights came with the stack. I have 15/15 so thats not the problem but is there a way to ensure knights actually fight in the new stack?

  12. Nipsey hussle and Mac Miller

  13. This and the russian bloke getting his his ass beat in a field is easily the worst I've seen on this subreddit.

  14. Ive got some tribal vassals, how do i make them turn to fuedal? I know if you hold it yourself you pay 500 gold but what if they are not held by you?

  15. Just wait, they will feudalize eventually. Normally tribals take a long time to adopt feudalism but if they have a feudal liege they can do it much faster

  16. Thanks for the quick reply!

  17. Bro why you gonna set me up like that I'm laughing hard now I'm going to hell 🤣

  18. I didn't know people still buy CD's.

  19. Honestly not that mad at number 3 but bizarre? That dude makes me uncomfortable with his whack ass bars lol

  20. Is the royal court ctd a common bug? When I try to change the number of servants and the other options I crash.

  21. Are you fucking serious lmaooo

  22. That'd have been so fuckin sick if whiteboy slowly pulled a gat from his waistband and shot Goliath.

  23. Im expereinced with Paradox games, but i gotta ask, can you attach to allies armies in ck3 now? i only have around 50 hrs and that was spent right at launch so im unaware of many changes.

  24. Honestly? His production skills are unmatched, but as a rapper I don't really vibe with him. Especially his newer stuff.

  25. As a toddler I used to regularly shit behind my babysitter's dining room door. Later in life my dad told me that the babysitter thought it was their old dog and had it put to sleep.

  26. I feel bad for the dog but that is fucking hilarious

  27. I relate totally. My biggest insecurity is my extreme stretch marks. I'm a man who can't even take his shirt off to swim because I'm so embarrassed. Literally haven't been in a pool or at the beach since I was 15ish (23 now)

  28. Waterworld. There's some issues with it sure but it's a film that I can watch again and again

  29. Not sure if it's well liked but I really enjoyed "a girl walks.home alone at night"

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