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  1. So people found other methods for suicide?

  2. You read that the suicide rate declined by 57 percent and that's your conclusion?

  3. Conservative comedians still haven't grown out of the "being rude and offensive is funny" phase of middle school humor for some reason. You can make jokes about marginalized groups, you just have to do it in a way that's respectful and funny. You can make a joke about how a lot of Asian Americans don't see the point in 23 And Me results, but you can't just make slanty-eyes and do a purposefully bad Chinese accent saying "bing bong ching chong" and call yourself funny. You can't just say the N-word and talk about fried chicken and other stereotypes and then get mad when people call you out for being an unfunny hack who just wants to stir the pot.

  4. Conservative satire always sucks for two reasons: 1) because it always punches down by attacking marginalized minority groups, and 2) satire isn't funny when the assertions underlying the joke aren't true, and conservatives live in a fact-free universe, so they aren't good at making truthful observations.

  5. OP must hate free speech, because they apparently think that when someone makes a joke, nobody is allowed to say what they think about that joke.

  6. Which will never happen because 1. The Dems are losers who are just as corrupt/incompetent as the Republicans and 2. The senate was rigged from the start to lean conservative in order for the slave states to retain control because in the US, land counts for votes????

  7. This is why conservatives are so mad about "woke" corporations these days. Every level of our government is rigged in favor of conservatives, thanks to the Electoral College, gerrymandering in the House, and the undemocratic nature of the Senate.

  8. Imagine inheriting an amazing economy from the last democratic president, then ruining everything in 4 years, and now your brainless cult followers are blaming the guy who inherited your shit economy during a pandemic and a Russian invasion

  9. Second time in a row that a Republican president inherited a good economy from their Democratic predecessor and then left it in a smoking ruin when they left office.

  10. Not entirely trump's fault due to pandemic. I mean it was his fault that he gutted our pandemic response team, but the pandemic itself wasn't his fault

  11. The pandemic wasn't Trump's fault, but the fact that he made it political be treating the virus as a personal attack on himself, rather than the global catastrophe that it was, definitely is.

  12. Gets even more freaky when you consider what taking these guns away from these fanatics would look like.

  13. The real reason why the right will never compromise on guns is because they see that their "rightful" place atop the social hierarchy of America has been taken away from them by minorities, and they know they can't undo that progress peacefully because they're an unpopular minority of voters.

  14. Some people also refuse to accept that gun control stops mass shootings, even though the

  15. Some people can't admit that good mental health stops murders.

  16. Literally nobody denies that good mental healthcare is a part of reducing violence. But conservatives definitely deny that sensible gun control laws are another part.

  17. Apparently their sub thinks it's a funny, joking matter, and a cashgrab. Pretty nasty to

  18. Not all of us. I'm not gonna stop rooting for my team but it's beyond obvious that Watson is a scumbag and a serial sex predator.

  19. While I don’t condone attacking anyone, I’m pretty sure racism isn’t a side effect of alcohol consumption

  20. Of course it's not. Because as we all know, racism is a symptom of Ambien, not alcohol.

  21. my girlfriend is suuuuper hot. she goes to a different school though. trust me

  22. The writing was bad, but in different ways. The prequels actually felt authentic. You can tell that George Lucas actually cared about the stories and poured his heart and soul into them.

  23. If you want a mindless action scifi they’re alright by any other metric I just can’t enjoy them.

  24. The only good aspects of the sequels are surface level things. Good visuals, good pacing, dialog that's not clunky, stuff like that.

  25. I see guys with Nazi/SS tattoos about once a month at the grocery store here in Washington state. There are definitely too many Nazis in America.

  26. Nazis don't identity themselves with tattoos anymore. They prefer red hats now.

  27. Had an employee of mine who wanted to name his son Swastik because in Hindi the name had significance. I told him raising him in the US with that name might be problematic. He was really bummed when I pointed out the connection.

  28. There's actually a women's professional chess player (of Georgian descent) named Nazi Paikidze. Her name is pronounced Nah-zee and it means "gentle" in Georgian, which she's had to explain to confused and/or angry spectators multiple times.

  29. "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately be explained by stupidity"

  30. A quick glance at OP's profile show's that they're a far right Trump supporter who frequently posts in

  31. Said this before and I'll say it again: Walmart is only "woke" here because they realize that it's a good business move. Supporters of LGBT rights are the popular majority now.

  32. Charter schools are parasites that leech funds from public education.

  33. They're exactly the same as public schools, except instead of 100 percent of their funding going to running the school, a chunk gets extracted by the for-profit parasites who operate them.

  34. I've been saying this for a while. I'm not convinced that GOP voter suppression laws will disproportionately hurt Democrats like they're supposed to. Especially since Republicans are having to rely more and more on uneducated and unintelligent rural people who aren't bright enough to understand intentionally confusing instructions.

  35. Turns out that when you make voting instructions as intentionally difficult and confusing as possible, the party with the lower literacy rate is affected more. Who knew?

  36. The UK swaps theirs out after each patrol for maintenance, I doubt they do anything like that.

  37. Whoever is supposed to do that in Russia probably tells his boss that he's doing it while actually just keeping the maintenance money for himself.

  38. Dude claims he went to all these women expecting professional massages and nothing else, and yet he admits to having sex with 3 of them. Wut.

  39. I like how slide 3 implies that those two women are on welfare because they're black.

  40. Sex is what's in your pants, gender is whether or not you feel like you wear the pants.

  41. They just know its not worth to argue with someone as dumb and bitter as you

  42. Uh huh. You could totally explain how believing in ridiculous nonsense like that is actually perfectly logical and reasonable, but you just don't feel like it because I'm too mean. Lol.

  43. You can't explain it at all, because virgin births, miracles and resurrections are objectively idiotic things to believe in.

  44. Mistakes are how you learn. I was a moron when I first started. Never be ashamed of your progress no matter what the instructors says. They can make or break you depending on how they are leading you.

  45. Exactly. The USA could fund universal health without an increase cost per capita than what we pay now. Such healthcare could cover at the same level as the UK, without these other people paying in, All citizens in the USA, all immigrants, all undocumented immigrants, all tourists, Canada, Mexico, the rest of central America, and half of South America. They all could leech off the US healthcare system and we could all enjoy the same care as one of the more expensive social health care systems. That is the magnitude of waste with the current system.

  46. Yeah but if so many things in life are actually paid for by your money like good infrastructure, medical bills, and college then what are you complaining for? You're getting your money's worth.

  47. American medical costs are essentially a tax on Americans, but instead of all the money going to buy good medical care, parasitic corporations take a big cut for themselves.

  48. Scientology is a cool name. Shame it belongs to an alien worshipping cult.

  49. As if Christianity isn't also a cult. They literally claim to eat the blood and body of their god man. If that isn't cult behavior, nothing is.

  50. You people seem to be just triggered by the word "quantum" at this point lmao

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