1. I'm looking for an easy way to attach two pieces of cardstock together to make a pocket envelope. I bought a glue runner but they sperated after a day. TIA!!

  2. I love The Good Place, but I couldn't bear 'Upload'. I feel like if TGP was doing that storyline, we'd have solved his murder and arrested the killer halfway through the first season. It feels incredibly slow in comparison.

  3. I'd throw in My Name is Earl since the whole point of the show was doing good deeds. Earl is a lot like Eleanor--not an entirely bad person, but someone who's done a bunch of bad things and is trying to be better.

  4. My Name Is Earl was critically underrated. I never find anyone else who watched it!

  5. Whose jersey do we think is in the drivers seat if Jordan is in the passenger?

  6. As a Murray State alum I wouldn't hate it :) although maybe thats more backseat material lol

  7. dylan claiming that Kelly is his one true soulmate! oh come on!

  8. Agreed. The whole storyline where he's seeing all those visions, those should have been Brenda 100%

  9. Has the ceremony been rescheduled yet? I know they pushed it because Covid, our girl has waited too damn long for this!

  10. I got an OL machine May 2020 (since I stopped going into the office so getting Starbucks on the regular was no longer in my routine).

  11. I’m 16years into my career and honestly some of my closest friends are those I started my career with. At least being agency side on big accounts we had the benefit of reps wanting to wine and dine us, so we’d end up at events together a lot and that helped create those friendships outside of the day to day work interactions.

  12. A traditional career path for a market will most likely cap you out at $150 to $200k tops. If you move higher, you’ll be in an executive role and will need you to take up management skills.

  13. Or work towards CMO of large global organizations. Couldn’t find a more recent article, but

  14. I find I get them most often when I do big batches of cleanup at once. Let the debris stock pile and then send Homer and Lisa out together to cleanup.

  15. You gonna drink that at the pool? Or the beach?

  16. I would. Stouts are great year round.

  17. i am saving this comment, i am probably finishing it in a few days tho

  18. 4 seasons at 13 eps each, it’s really so easy to get through. I’ve lost count on my rewatches because it goes by so quick!

  19. It is the easy metric to grab, so consumers love the psf price method.

  20. We purchased our duplex condo last summer directly from the people we had been renting it from. When we made our initial offer (because they weren’t formally listing it), I based comps on layout, amenities and similar upgrades. They based all theirs on PSF. They came back with a number like $90k higher, to which we obviously were like “um, that’s not math-ing”. Thankfully we have a good relationship with them, so they did consult a realtor and they came back and we’re like “oh, yeah we were off”. They were looking at units with garage parking (ours is just gated), duplex ups with rooftop patios (ours is a down with a sub-street level patio) and fully updated kitchens (ours just had some white paint slapped on the dark cabinets). I’m always happy to be right, but it never occurred to me to look at PSF, but i can see why people start there.

  21. So I was the same age as the actors were portraying and I guess technically I’m a Xennial (although that’s a micro generation, so technically I’m considered Millennial in the broader sense. 1982).

  22. Then you answered your own question. If you feel they portray the characters/world exactly as the ages they’re supposed to be, then yes it’s more Xennial than Millennial.

  23. All good recos. The podcast. Schur’s book on philosophy (audio book recommended, as he gets the whole cast to read pieces). But also there’s some web based content, too. Also, look up the video where the cast finds out about the end of S1 twist, so good.

  24. I know people have talked about a Podcast hosted by the guy who plays Shawn, but I don't know anything about it.

  25. Oh it is FANTASTIC. I’m not a person who usually listens to podcasts (I’m too much of a visual learner) but I listened to every single episode of that. Highly recommend!

  26. To this day I do not understand how there is not a section of any park at WDW that’s just Kuzcotopia. Complete with Water Slide.

  27. I was in 5th grade when Music Box was released. I was instantly obsessed with Dreamlover. Made my friends do it at our 5th grade Lip Sync concert lol

  28. Stones are no joke. We’ve put out about 20k in emergency care, 2 surgeries, many many many follow up visits, UTIs. It’s just insane

  29. Agreed. Our boy had to have emergency surgery because his bladder was FULL of stones. Having multiple cats we didn't realize he wasn't peeing, it wasn't until his behavior changed that we took him in to the vet - a day later would have been too late as his bladder ruptured as they were beginning surgery. Terrifying. Our total was just at $10k.

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