1. I already have the Ciate palette from Boxycharm forever ago. I cannot use the Kat Burki cream due to ingredients being comedogenic/acnegenic.

  2. I can't wait to receive mine, I just ordered tonight! I'm new to collecting but my favorite is the bigfoot/sasquatch/yeti.

  3. How did FFF even end up with a trial size??? Nearly everything they have (box items or otherwise) is full size.

  4. I just got that size/exact product in my ipsy glam bag a few months back. 🤨

  5. Just an FYI for the air purifier, the filters are basically impossible to get if you do not have them as an add on. I have been trying on the company website since I got this in the Fall box. For X-mas I am asking for a new one that I can get the filters easier.

  6. Ive had mine from the fall box and love it but was going to wait to get them in the refills I seen through FFF. I hadn't realized that so thank you for the heads up! I'll grab multiple packs.

  7. I just snagged the Vio air purifier about 5 minutes ago! Just keep refreshing. People will start dropping things tomorrow

  8. I always joke I want Botox so If it helps I'll be happy lol, I will just have to watch the technical issues with buttons (I believe that's what I read a main issue was). Hopefully my mom & step mom enjoy there's as well/it works for them. It's nice to get expensive things at such a great deal! ❤️ TY!

  9. Oh I would get botox in a heartbeat if I could afford it! I've had migraines my whole life and I know that it can be helpful for that, but also I have a suuuper expressive forehead and have had lines since I was like 10 or something.

  10. Yes the same for me. I need a major tighten and lift up there too lol. No way I could afford it though either.

  11. I chose this in option one and immediately regretted it and feared the worse. I even emailed Natasha Denona C.S. in regards to me being concerned about getting old product. They do not sell it on there website or anywhere else for that matter aside for the last couple years through Boxycharm. They emailed me back saying how to check for expiration date and that they do not sell that product anymore.

  12. I think last time I ve seen that product outside of boxy was in 2019 on sephora , in the sale category. Would you mind posting how to check for expiration date for the brand?

  13. Yeah so there cant possibly be any fresh product circulating and by how things have been lately I've seen alot of past Boxycharm products being featured in ipsy since they bought Boxycharm. Im sure it's the old stock from Boxycharm. I went back to the email which I will copy and paste here, however it's not actually directly answering how to check expiration date, I misread (sorry) but have another email out now to explain how to specifically see if the product is expired prior to opening.

  14. All scents are different I think. Some better than others for sure. I think it also depends on the location you put certain scents. Like I absolutely love velvet moon but it's such a soft scent that I'd recommend putting in a smaller room/area to get the full effect. Where as the Harry Potter scents are really impressive/strong/long lasting in a larger area. ❤️ Scentsy is so fun and exciting!

  15. They're all pretty unique, I can't even pinpoint a favorite tbh but Ravenclaw is my least favorite.

  16. I'm still trying to figure out when I will receive the email informing me of the price increases.

  17. Yep. they did the same thing with my base box. This month was the first time I tried their service and I'm very very disappointed.

  18. I ended up complaining on IG and they had me message them and I got my refund. Try IG and don't settle.

  19. Thanks so much for the advice! I did that and finally got the refund. It took a while cause the kept throwing points and discount codes at me but I didn't back down.

  20. Sorry you had issues but I'm happy to hear it's all sorted out and they refunded! ❤️

  21. Mine shipped as luxe box and was not September items.

  22. I contacted them today on Instagram and they responded saying they ran out and try what I got. Seriously! This is fraud and I'm filing a complaint with the BBB!

  23. I had to start by complaining via email cs then when I got a stupid $6 credit with that half a** apology cause they ran out for the boxes I complained on a IG post and within minutes they had me message them and I demanded a refund and sent proof of the promised palette email along with my box being from June 2021. Push back and don't settle for less. If they refuse then dispute the charge. Someone else told me to keep pushing and try new cs.

  24. I can't believe they just basically said "we ran out, try the comparable products we sent, next box will be what it's supposed to be" I just filed a complaint with the BBB and I am. going to look into a class action lawsuit bc this is BS! They didn't even offer a partial refund. 😣

  25. And I know it doesn't help at all but if you want my store credit they gave me I'd be happy to give it to you.

  26. I got the same response without the refund part! I'm so mad!

  27. I would be too! If they refuse to do what's right dispute the charge, I went into it thinking I was gonna end up disputing.

  28. YESSSS!! As soon as the merge happened it was like night and day. Boxy really did used to be the best and now month after month is garbage. I said I'd give it one more Luxe box, but even if this one is good, I don't have high hopes for future ones at all. I'm cancelling until I hear word of improvement from the community because it's not worth it anymore 😔

  29. This was my final straw. I absolutely agree. Disappoinment shouldn't out weigh happiness with this.

  30. I've had boxy for 3 years and the last 8 months or so have been GARBAGE. Never would have thought about cancelling before, but seeing as it's the 21st and i STILL haven't gotten either of my boxes (luxe and premium) and last month the boxes also took forever, on top of overall quality going down, I'm over it.

  31. They're probably scrambling to put boxes together if they ran out or buying more time to think of some bs to pull. I was subscribed for a couple years, took a break over the last few months due to being constantly disappointed and then I decide to take a chance again just to be let down yet again. Hopefully you get what your were expecting. As soon as Yosef left and ipsy bought out it went to crap.

  32. That's nice, they're just sending everyone old crap luxe boxes. Sorry this happened to you too! I got sent a June 2021 luxe box Edit** it's funny that all the PR boxes are accurate but they can't get the paid boxes right!

  33. I’m so sorry!!! Ibe been tempted to order the luxe box on more than one occasion… I never actually go through with it because I’m worried that I’ll get an old box. They need to be more transparent. I’m sure there are people that wouldn’t mind getting an older box, but you did your due diligence and asked them prior to ordering because you didn’t want an old box!!! I canceled over a year ago and I’m glad I still frequent this sub, I get reminded everyday that boxy is shady AF!!!

  34. Thank you. It's probably always best to trust your gut with boxy I have learned time and time again. They always pull some bs and always always try to pawn off old stock and see who will let them get away with it. I only resubscribed for the Natasha Denona palette, honestly if they sent me old crap but the ND palette was in there I wouldn't be nearly as mad. I just don't respect them as a company any longer. I agree with you though absolutely.

  35. I was done with them at this point. I believe I bought some stuff in drop shop once since then but that’s about it. To be honest I quit all my sub boxes. One needs only so much. The excitement from new items also wears off after while.

  36. Makes sense. I honestly think this will have put that final straw in for me. I was already teetering being completely done and this was my last giving it a chance. I do ipsy here and there depending on if I like the spoilers, FFF, and my Scentsy whiff box.

  37. Oh yea, that would have me fuming. Boxycharm has really gone down in customer service and quality since they were bought out by Ipsy

  38. I don't understand how they think that's acceptable. Yes absolutely, when Yosef left, total crapshoot.

  39. I was SO happy to get the ND palette. Of the older stuff I received, most of it was stuff I’ll use but it’s things I’ve already received, so that was a bit disappointing but I guess it’s nice to have backups. And everything was from the previous 3-4 boxes so at least it wasn’t like from a year old box or something

  40. You should be getting stock form the month advertised but of course they try to clear out old stock, at least your not unhappy with it. Im so mad, I got an email back from CS saying I received items all from the june 2021 luxe box. I will be disputing the charges if I do not get sent a September luxe box with the ND palette.

  41. My luxe box is scheduled to arrive earlier next week, I will update asap.

  42. One of the most important things, I believe, is a sponsor who helps. In the beginning, mine wasn’t all that helpful, so I learned quite a bit on my own. She has come around, but I think not having that in the beginning helped me to shape the kind of sponsor I wanted to be and have become. No matter who you join under, though, absolutely learn the workstation, and don’t forget to have fun! This is an excellent time of year to join!

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  44. I’m not currently subscribed to Boxy but I went back through my old emails and found this one saying I’d get the Luxe palette if I subscribed. Hope this is what you’re looking for!

  45. Omg YES thank you thank you!!! 🏆💗

  46. Not sure what a screenshot would do.

  47. In the past I've personally seen boxy make up for sending people previous months boxes when they subbed for the current month. As it would be false advertisement. A screenshot would be peace of mind and reassurance to see that they have truly claimed that as I've not personally seen it from boxy, only read from others posts. Boxy use to post in the beginning of the month an item or two that were going to be in all premium boxes, luxe boxes, exc. What you said makes sense though about stocking up, would be silly not too. This is the first awesome thing I've seen in luxe in idk how long worth signing back up for. I remember getting those Tarte/Remix palettes had to be like 2 years ago I wanna say, those were awesome too. Thanks for the help. 🙂

  48. This is what I found on the website but I also have an email out to CS to verify. I just resubbed this morning and immediately got on the wait-list. When subscribing to Luxe for the first time...

  49. I'm in michigan and there's nothing at all

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