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  1. Great game to play offline, 2 people VS the bots on level “raid” try to hold down the money room

  2. Great house! Just my 2cents the upstairs railing could Replaced with something more modern. The chandeliers could be replaced with can lighting on the ceiling if possible, this place reminds part of my house I just redid

  3. Small companies are a totally different game. Often times you have a personal relationship with management/execs and people are indeed, often good to others that they know personally.

  4. Indeed I work for a very large cannabis company in CA, it’s gone from a gray area business to fully corporate in a few short years, it’s not for me, luckily I’ve been able to use it to my advantage and purchase my first home, but I am out of this career as soon as I can refinance, I’d much rather do anything that work in the corporate world, and the cannabis industry is a drag

  5. Perfect Dark coop campaign and Conker's raptor multiplayer mode were the best times I had with the N64 by far.

  6. Have you tried playing them these days. They are unplayable as FPSs have evolved so much

  7. Ya definitely a good one, i personally think it holds up especially since its open world but also gameplay and story wise. It's basically Red Dead Redemption.

  8. I remember in that big felid with the Buffalo you can get some TNT from the mine and blow a hole next to a cabin and get unlimited ammo

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