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  1. I know! He looks so mad it’s hilarious. I love it

  2. He's not mad, just disappointed.

  3. The best version of this deck undoubtedly plays 0 fire energy so cut those, the break, and the heat factory.

  4. You make a lot of excellent points. Thank you. I think I was stuck in the heads pace of trying to make the old deck work with new cards rather than making a better new deck. I will definitely be using your advice

  5. Np, glad it helped! Should be a solid deck, compressor is so busted

  6. I was tinkering with a deck builder and came up with a new list based on your advice. (The fennekins, braixens and FCO delphoxes are proxies for the new ones coming out. Shauna is a proxy for Serena)

  7. HEY! Anybody got some WEEDLE? I'm trying to score some WEEDLE. I just need a little WEEDLE to relax and unwind from work.

  8. Do you have a report or research study you can point to that specifically attributes American gun violence to "the glorification of firearms"? I'd love to use it to own all my trumptard friends.

  9. As far as I know there hasn't been a scientific global study on firearm attitudes and how they directly or indirectly influence things like safety, violence or any kind of deaths. Such a study would be problematic because it would require a massive effort to collect international population samples for the study and the psychological aspect would end up being... a little subjective.

  10. It would be great if we had a direct comparison of the two countries for a firearm reason. For instance, a murder rate does not mean that it was done by firearms specifically - which is the topic. Your article here is better since it compares US vs. Canada where, in 2020, it has 1.95 homicide rate in Canada vs. 6.5 in US (3.33 times higher) but it doesn't mean that the homicides were done by firearms specifically. For instance, how many homicides were committed with a vehicle? It would be part of the homicide stat but not part of the firearm stat that we're discussing.

  11. I want to see a comprehensive murder weapon breakdown by year just so I can scroll to the bottom and see the things like:

  12. Playdough spaghetti out the other side.

  13. Yeah, that Glaceon isn't shiny AND has a hat. Ruins everything.

  14. When do you think you'll have it for survival? If possible that is. I'd like to put this in my world.

  15. I mean technically you could copy this build as is in your survival world. Version 2.0 will be streamlined with better positioning and connections between the various parts, but it will be functionally the same.

  16. Thank you! It was a lot of work but I'm really happy with how it came out.

  17. Any tips on grinding Eevee XL candy? I'm on a similar quest.

  18. Nope. The others all say that it will cost the same, they didn't mention cp

  19. I dunno why the reddit hivemind hated us today but thanks for at least trying *fist bump*

  20. I think people have misunderstood your question.

  21. Do screensavers still exist? I thought they died out with answering machines.

  22. I'm pretty sure unless Delphox is game-breaking, this braixen will be at most a dollar.

  23. Unown ribbon is a perfect example. For those who don’t know look it up it’s so weird

  24. I thought I was prepared for what I was going to see. I was not.

  25. You have my utmost respect for admitting error in a polite and respectful conversation instead of going full chimpanzee as the internet seems to train people to do.

  26. So I am not really invested in the zodiac theory, but I think some of that's stemming from the fact that Cyndiquil's English species name is the "Fire Mouse" Pokémon. Bulbapedia also references inspiration from shrews and other animals that superficially resemble rodents.

  27. Opinion from an actual Canadian here:

  28. Reposting because I forgot to credit myself. You get 50 pop culture points if you get the secondary reference

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