1. Ok, now that you finally agreed to support your own point, let me ask something... has the formula used to calculate inflation changed at any point in that graphic you showed me?

  2. They have frequently changed the way they calculate inflation to make inflation look less bad as they continue to fuck the peasants with the burden of money printing.

  3. Soo inflation could be well above 10% then, right?

  4. Both my 3 and 5 year olds don’t see color. They don’t care. They see friends and go play and have fun.

  5. I didn't see color until well into my 20s, due to my exposition to leftists on the internet. They made me notice people's exact skin color.

  6. I never cared about race until someone called me racist for using my white privilege because I got up and went to work every morning and enjoyed weekends off.

  7. Are you even white? I have heard of people being called white supremacists even when they were darker than Obama.

  8. Who are the two proven extreme leftists, and what makes you believe they are leftists at all?

  9. Who are they? well, dude, how short is your memory span? We had mentioned all of them just three comments ago, didn't we?

  10. reddit pro tip: if you just state your dumbass point in a single comment, instead of condescendingly and disingenuously stretching it out over three, you'll get three times fewer downvotes

  11. You know, using alt accounts to manipulate votes is against reddit's TOS and you could get banned sitewide for it.

  12. Enough with Trump man you people rest at all or you wake up mad at Trump 😂?

  13. talk about reading comprehension problems.

  14. No, that's socialism 101. When something works, it's thanks to the government. When something doesn't, everyone else is to blame.

  15. Because I don't consider the fetus a person. If we were doing the trolley problem I would always choose the mother above the fetus. Would you do the same?

  16. Also, both adult males have identical configurations.

  17. Bro. If theyre happy then whats the problem? The only way to make this shit more efficient would be to make them brains in jars that were drip fed dopamine.

  18. Who's to say they weren't being fed dopamine already?

  19. Un emulador de sega y le metes la rom o algún pokemon, tengo el rojo en el celu.

  20. "a womans right to choose obviously!" and that is how you make a circular argument

  21. El del AMBA parece un Kim Jong-un boliviano.

  22. Le faltan 200 kilos de grasa para parecerse.

  23. Ironically, here in Argentina the sizing is the same, longitudinally. Men tend to have wider feet, however.

  24. yet there are parts of America where it's not safe to drink water from the tap.

  25. https://www.cityofflint.com/department/water-service-center/

  26. Uhm... tell me something. Isn't a "company run by the government" a "public company"?

  27. Most Epic Scenes in Cinema History imo 👌

  28. Yeah, and he had by far one of the most brutal deaths I've ever seen 😟

  29. I don't know how I feel about his death. It was deserved, true, but that means I won't see another film with him in it ever again.

  30. that's another topic entirely, imperial system is awful.

  31. In what way are either of them infinitely valuable?

  32. No entiendo como no la ven. Literalmente ricos pidiendo que los pobres los financien. Que locura este país.

  33. Eso pasa en todo el mundo, y se hace de dos formas: Con impuestos y con medidas populistas.

  34. Uhm... probame que el sol NO causa cancer de piel.

  35. Those buildings are either paper or caardboard, not even a F5 should tear a real house THAT easily and in huge chunks

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