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  1. More than anything characters need depiction, interaction, text. The more words you dedicate to characters INSIDE your story the more they'll seem three dimensional

  2. I'm going to give you some advice which a lot of people will disagree with, and I bet this post will even get downvoted. But I've been writing professionally for a long time, so bear that in mind when you weigh my advice and decide whether to take it or not.

  3. Damn your name suits you, you are indeed a Chad, thank you for this

  4. As Mickey and Minnie were before the judge in divorce court, the judge looked at Mickey and said, "Listen here, Mr. Mouse, I cannot grant you a divorce from Minnie." "But why not, Your Honor?" a stunned Mickey asked. "I have reviewed all the information you submitted to the court and I can find no evidence to support the allegation that she's crazy," explained the judge. "Your Honor," Mickey exclaimed, "I didn't say she was 'crazy', I said she was fucking Goofy

  5. I will tell you why it crashed, but first, let us talk about your life insurance policy.

  6. As cringe as they were, they are the childhood we were given

  7. granted; you cannot control when you shapeshift or who you shapeshift into.

  8. my bad I missed it. allow my to rephrase, you shapeshift uncontrollably every five seconds (shapeshifting "whenever I want" does not preclude shapeshifting when you do not want to).

  9. Knowing that when you explain a joke it lose all sense of being funny:

  10. Granted, everyone will always listen to every word you say, every sound you make, and every word you mouth wherever you are

  11. Barbers generally discard hair not collect it

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