1. Zarbons "You've awakened my true power..." Is really good for beast, since it negates a little bit of the defense decrease, while adding a little bit extra damage to each attack.

  2. I believe once you complete all the missions in a time rift, there's a robot in the same area that'll let you select missions from that rift to redo.

  3. I might be biased, but I think that Blue is better than Evo now. A 5% defense increase (instead of a 12% decrease), the ability to now regain ki when using super basic Super Souls like Base Gogeta's, and a flat 25% damage increase across the board makes it super good now.

  4. It did! All Evo got was the ki drain decrease (went from 28% to now 18%), and blue got that defense increase (12% defense decrease, now 5% defense increase) and ki drain decrease (20% to 10%).

  5. Makes sense that they're different for everyone, considering they all use the beginning of their base combo strings.

  6. Yeah, but it's cool to have the variation

  7. Beast is a flat 30% increase to all forms of damage, a 20% ki recovery increase, a 20% defense decrease (similar to Kaioken 20x), and I'm preeeeeetty sure it gives a speed increase as well.

  8. Now that I think about it, All races now have not only a teleporting strong attack but assuming they also have teleporting charged supers. Saiyan domination and monopolization is over!

  9. Just tried out BBK with Beast, and it doesn't allow you to teleport unfortunately.. but it still allows you to teleport with the charged heavy, which is a good step in the right direction.

  10. Yes, I believe you can get every DLC skill leading up to DLC 9 (the Vegeta/Ribrianne one) from the crystal raids provided you own said DLC's.

  11. If we're going based off every other update, it'll be around 10/11pm PST tonight. So in about an hour or two.

  12. It will drop around 10pm PST, but then we have to wait an hour for server maintenance to conclude so we can actually play it.

  13. If I'm not mistaken, it should drop around the daily reset time for the servers. Which if it's anything like Legends, it'll be around 10pm PST.

  14. That's what it was in the past. But if my memory is correct, we had to wait an hour for servers to get back online. Then the update hit, at least for xbox.

  15. Giving it to my main Female Saiyan, Yuki. The white hair would be like a natural spiky extension of her current style (just the Broly wig lmao), plus god knows that FemSaiyans in general could use the new moveset.

  16. If you're going full Ki Based, then go Tallest/Thinnest for the most health and Ki Damage. 125 points in Ki Supers, Stamina and Ki.

  17. Preferably, I'd say find the cheapest phone you can with USB-C and a MicroSD slot, slap in a 256gb MicroSD card, then do direct file transfer.

  18. I personally go for Milomdoi. Installation isn't too hard, fingerprint sensor works great, comes with 3 instead of 2 (like Whitestone and AMFilm), and is a bit cheaper than the other two. Quality is just as good.

  19. The screen on mine felt somewhat jittery and slow compared to standard 60hz screens, and I'm assuming that's because it's using the Exynos chip from the Note 9.

  20. i got only dec1 patch, still did not receive 20dec patch :(

  21. There was only the 1 December Patch, which for some reason came at the end of the month. Probably gonna be the same for January.

  22. Yeah, there was a post about this yesterday and I posted about it last week. It's the performance the phone should've launched with, it's a year too late!

  23. I'm glad that I can use this as my daily finally without having any regrets, but I wish there wasn't any regrets to begin with when I got this back in April.

  24. Just updated a few minutes ago. The refresh rate and scrolling seem ever so slightly laggy? A bit of stuttering when swiping and scrolling. This wasn't happening before. Maybe I just need to restart again?

  25. Try running App Booster through the Good Guardians app. Always helps out just that tiny bit extra

  26. Not for me, thankfully. Reddit lagged a small bit before the update, but not anymore.

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