1. I played it years ago with someone's game who had all the expansions, so couldn't really just get away with buying the base game. Hardest part will be finding people to play with, but as long as I do should be easy enough to justify buying more expansions

  2. Weird to have a giant box that just says Trash though ;)

  3. That's just the compartment with tokens and other non card items which are loose under the trash placematt

  4. I'm 5'7 too and weigh 175. I fit well in a Skylark and Rio from Eddyline.

  5. The Ellie Strait and the 14' pelicans were essentially the same hull with slightly different fittings. That said I would take a Tsunami over them any time. Sure it is heavier, but better constructed, better fittings better hatches and way more durable. Might be biased as I have a tsunami

  6. Sons of Anarchy. Just one long drawn out train wreck, and the main characters don't really have any redeeming aspects. And no I don't count their loyalty as something to admire. The Nazi SS were loyal too.

  7. If you are transporting by bike or on foot no need to get an inflatable. I go on foot to the beach all the time and my kayak cart is made from an old bike trailer. 16 foot sea kayak. The enjoyment I get from paddling a decent kayak far outweighs any issues with transportation.

  8. I use a water detector system. It is completely analog.

  9. We must be shopping in the same place, because I've got a detector just like yours🙃

  10. Is it personal preference to use a 2 piece or 1 piece suit?

  11. 2 piece might be easier to get on but harder to get water tight and more likely to leak. I guess you have the versatility of being able to wear just the top. I like my one piece, one zipper is all I need to worry about and that is fairly easy to do up

  12. Do any sort of kayaks whatsoever for tall people exist? I'm 6'4", 250 and nearly nothing ever seems to fit. Like nothing! Can't even imagine at your height. The manufacturers and designers never pictured guys like us paddling i suppose.

  13. I'm 6'3, and have been in a number of kayaks that felt roomy. For touring, something like the current designs solstice GT titan.

  14. Oh cool. Good to know. Of course part of my issue isn't just my height. I squat and dead lift over 500 pounds and have the legs to show I'm. I'm thick! Width is often an issue with me as well.

  15. The Nimbus seafarer has a pretty large cockpit and opening, though it is hard to find as it is made by a small company by Vancouver island. Still a few used ones kicking around, and handling isn't too bad. I had one once that was missing the front bulkhead and it was spacious enough that I could lie down inside

  16. My roof racks clip into my door frames and I actually only put them on when I'm transporting a kayak. I can definitely notice the change in fuel economy when I have them on

  17. I want to say Mark of The Fool, as it’s more inconvenient than evil. As far as I’ve read, the MC isn’t an edgelord, either.

  18. The first one started so nice too.. eventually I was skipping large sections of the books

  19. Support comment for all the authors furiously scrolling through all the comments looking for their story

  20. I have a 7cm sleeping pad and an even thicker pillow, but I side sleep semi curled. If I notice the mesh on my face I just move my sleeping pad a foot towards the other end, usually only happens if I'm right against the head of my tent. Because I'm semi curled a standard length sleeping pad is long enough. The ss2 is like a palace solo and great when the weather is lousy and the ss1 seems just right for nice weather trips

  21. The only change to the SS1 fly besides the fabric being polyester is that the reinforcements are now bigger, double stitched, and made from 210D nylon w/Dyneema ripstop rather than the old vinyl. So it packs a bit smaller since the reinforcements are less stiff and is a bit lighter than the old fly.

  22. I also noticed the door zippers are double zippers now, and the pitchloc changed and has a vent. I definitely think more venting options are a good thing, as I'm always leaving my leeward side partially unzipped for better airflow.

  23. At current fuel prices that would have cost me an extra $200+ in fuel.

  24. The accumulation of human stupidity and it is everywhere. Everest is nothing in comparison

  25. Have you considered just using dry bags? I tried looking up out particular brand we use but dont see em. Theres lots of different companies that make them but we use a bunch of them for our yearly kayaking trip. Large ones for strapping to the back and we each keep a smaller personal one between our legs for stuff like food, cigars, phones etc.

  26. Hard to beat a sturdy polyurethane dry bag and they can be had pretty cheaply too

  27. Touring kayaks, anything with a rudder, over 14' long and under 24'' wide. You'll still want to do your own research to make sure any given kayak will fit your needs. Most sold at big box stores don't meet those requirements

  28. I would name it, but then I and possibly others would be talking about it and it would no longer fit the criteria of this thread

  29. False. If repaired properly, by a quality collision repair shop, there should be no issues with the vehicle. Same goes for the paint. Bodywork is not something to be done on a budget. Your experience leads me to believe that you may have had repairs completed by someone that hasn’t kept up with their industry. A professional bodyshop will have a stronger warrantee on their workmanship than the manufacturer did when the car was new.

  30. Keywords "if repaired properly". Had a car, was in a rear end collision (stopped at a red light, 50 zone, guy behind was likely texting, older pickup), and with $7k in repairs they didn't check the alignment. Went through 2 sets of tires pretty quickly in less than a year...

  31. I like my clear. Lets me ski under the chair on bright nights like full moon or low clouds reflecting lights from the lit run one over and still great under the lights, it is during twilight when the lights aren't bright enough yet that I still need a coloured lens

  32. 2 nights, and spent maybe a total of 30 minutes in the kayaks. Afternoon crossing got fun with a nice cross wind and white caps

  33. UV is the enemy of all kayaks. Some plastics endure it better than others...

  34. I have nice soft cradles that conform to the shape of my kayak. Makes for a supportive grippy hold and works for hard and soft chine kayaks and I found easier to strap than a J cradle

  35. Maybe there is a God, but if so it is a being we can't comprehend. The god in the religious texts however is made up, and experts have good theories why humanity created religious and made them the way they are. Even analyzed the Bible and were able to divide it into sections written by different authors based on grammatical structure.

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