1. Went to grab one of the skulls today and looks like they are sold out. Do you intend to have more in stock in the future?

  2. I am considered part of the vulnerable population. I caught covid last week because my partner was being really reckless and brought it home. I got over it in 2 or 3 days with a low fever and very mild respiratory symptoms. Obviously I've been quarantining until I'm sure i won't be able to spread it. I consume rso and full plant extracts on the daily to help my IBD. I also use a topical application for chronic joint and muscle pain. Wonder if that had anything to do with my mild reaction and quick recovery. I doubt it, but now I'm curious and excited to see the results of a human trial. Ill happily volunteer for science.

  3. I've been vaping on Firelands Scientific solventless concentrates for a while. Guess I'll give Klutch a try next. I've only been hearing great things about the O43.

  4. Yeah it's fine. I'd recommend vaping at lower temps since it's already activated. Or at least that's been my experience.

  5. Was coming to complain about the same thing. I thought trophies were server side tho. Who is putting this much effort into hacking the game?

  6. Been spoofing for months now. Never thought to ask or look it up. Might as well ask here, because I don't see it in the OP. Does trading with a friend trigger a cooldown? I've always wanted the 2 hours after my last catch/spin to teleport and trade. Never was brave enough to test it.

  7. The update I just took fixed it. I was able to claim my rewards and events are available again.

  8. I'm assuming y'all are still unable to join events due to this. I opened a help ticket and they still haven't gotten back to me.

  9. I have one or 2 yellow tier cards maxed out. I know when one of them pops from a chest, it converts it to science points. I wonder if it is related to having some maxed out cards.

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