I’m stuck at work for 144 hours in a row and no one is coming

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Stone Soup Monday 01/08/2022

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Why are women STILL Christian?

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  1. Oh, I've noticed for 3 years now!! I make them watch the music videos and tell them "This is how music got distributed. If you didn't have a label to pay for a video for your album...forget it! We bought an entire $18 album for one song, or we had to wait for that song to cycle thru TRL programming. I ran home from the bus stop because all the pop songs were in the top slots and all the rock was in the bottom and played first." They look at me like I'm crazy...then I play Black Hole Sun and No Rain for them on Vevo. Then they look at me like I'm even more nuts....and that is how I make sure my sophomores know not to fuck with my crazy 90's grunge ass!! 😂😜😳

  2. Yeah but there's a sweet spot between like 20-24 hours where u will just be an absolute mopping machine

  3. Truth...and guess what I learned in my driving safety course: after 24 hours with no sleep you are as uncoordinated/clumsy as if you had a 0.08 BAC. Your employer is asking you to work drunk.

  4. If wonder if the per capita income is still that high if you remove these people from the average?

  5. Don't apologize, this sub is dedicated to it ! Sending you every good thoughts I can, sorry I can't do more, just know you are not alone !!!

  6. Ditto. I've actually been commenting on OPs post a bit more than normal just cause I could tell where she's at...I've been there. This is why we are here, love. We need each other. 💓

  7. Also struggling with extreme anxiety/panic. It’s obsessive and I can’t get rid of it. Cycle day 22/28. I’m not sure how to get from here to there (my period starting) right now. As someone else said one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

  8. Literally, sometimes I have to give myself instructions on how to get from the bedroom to the bathroom to get dressed.

  9. Russia has now said that exchanging Whelan and Griner for Bout is “unfair” because it’s two for one. They are demanding the US also release Krasikov, who is a Russian convicted in Germany so the US has no jurisdiction over the case or ability to trade him. Russia really seems to have no desire to make a deal.

  10. Why does the bottom right one look so smooth

  11. It's a beagle...don't let him fool you! He's a CUTE boy, he's a SWEET boy, not a GOOD boy...100% trash can bandit!!

  12. I actually have a piggy back question to this: if the company sends you a rejection letter saying "We were very impressed with your resume but decided to go with another candidate. We encourage you to keep looking for opportunities with X"...Then they post the same position shortly after...my question is this: Should you apply for the same position repeatedly or find other roles that maybe better fit?

  13. It seems admin will always give the student the benefit of doubt. Do not let this slide...not in 2022!

  14. The misophonia. It only happens for a few days, but I will absolutely go nuts in my head like I'm in a CIA torture interview if there are multiple devices or conversations going at once. My husband will walk in the room to talk to me over the kids and its literally jarring!

  15. I've never seen the word "misophonia". Cool share! I have that too when normally I'm generally not bothered by much. I used to get sound migraines (sounds would make them feel more intense). Need some noise cancelling headphones 🎧

  16. And yes, since learning about it I definitely pull out the noise canceling ear buds for a few hours!

  17. I had never heard it before this sub, but it has been a very real thing for me for a long time. I didn't notice it until I had 3 small children and started (on schedule) feeling like a car ride with singing was some form of torture from the Spanish Inquisition, when other times it was my favorite part of the day. "The wheels on the bus tell mom to see a shrink..." 😆

  18. Any chance you can create a fictional student who needs a pride flag for their 504 accommodation?

  19. "It's not a pride flag. It's my favorite part of the electromagnetic spectrum" ~chemistry teacher~

  20. I’ve been with my husband (my third marriage) for almost 5 years now and during my worst Hell Week times I just make thinking “I love you” towards him a mantra that I repeat for as long as I need to (usually when we’re lying in bed and he’s already fallen asleep but progesterone is causing me insomnia). I absolutely ended relationships in the past while in the worst parts of my then undiagnosed PMDD,and I’ve found repeating to myself that I love him helps me to not want to throw everything away just because my brain is having a hard time with my hormones.

  21. This is great advice. I also tell myself "would this have bothered me last week?" Like, when he comes home from work and wants to help with dinner...most times I'm grateful. On those days I want him to stay out of my way and let me work. WHAT SANE WOMAN TELLS HER HUSBAND TO NOT DO THE DISHES!!😅😂😜

  22. I was looking for this comment. I live in PA and have always referred to it as a beauty strip.

  23. Today I thought I might actually leave my body I felt so anxious and dreadful. Like I wasn't really here. Try a guided imagery meditation. It's not like normal "breath and let your mind go". This takes you on a journey to somewhere else. I'll share my favorite: when I can't take it anymore, I go to the quiet wintery woods.

  24. OMG I teach physics...I so wish I could use this example. Possibly the only example a 15yo male would attempt to solve! 😅😂😂😂

  25. We had a PD question today "What would your super power be?" I said telekinesis cause I was thinking like a super hero, but if I'd been thinking like a teacher I would've said "Mind control over school board"

  26. I got a job interview this morning. I don't think it's the right job for me (long commute), but it sparked a fire in me and I found 3 internal positions at my company to apply to that would offer more security. Knowing I have options really perked me up when I was feeling very stuck in a part-time gig.

  27. My in-laws are visiting and wanted me to go to church with them this past Sunday. I agreed because my oldest is interested in the church but I'm not comfortable taking her solo (I mean, if I burst into flames entering the sanctuary that might be traumatizing!) I also don't want her to turn super Bible thumper in rebellion against me in her teen years, so I'm willing to let her go sometimes.

  28. I do a chart on day 2. I let them sit next to their friends and out themselves on day 1.

  29. Isn't it lovely how men think they FUCKING OWN US!! Even after we make it clear they do not! I hope this asshole ends up with a controlling narcissistic wife...it's the least he deserves.

  30. I indoctrinate children that the Earth is more than 6,000 years old. That evolution is a thing. That the Earth is round. And that vaccines work.

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