Just released BIS balance sheet, Jan 30, 2023 — Someone (*cough* mostly GME naked shorts? *cough*) owes the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) a LOT of money — $7.305 Trillion in outstanding BIS claims (vs. $4.227 Trillion in outstanding BIS liabilities) — Archive Link: https://archive.is/vFv0r

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  1. Eli5, and then explain again please

  2. …Then could you restate it in a way as though I were not fully understanding the concept as you presented it, and you had to elaborate in more detail and simplicity.

  3. My brother swears my runs smoother than his original 20.5 grivory

  4. The D2 is the more recent steel upgrade. I guess they’ve worked some kinks out! Love Andrew Demko, can’t wait for the next production models of what new designs he’s cooked up.

  5. I've tried both the Skiff bearings and washers, and they are both a whole new world compared to the factory bearings. I ended up selling the one with bearings and keeping this one. They're fun little knives.

  6. I have the 3v carbon version, with washers how does it run differently? I enjoy the action on it with its standard bearings… what do you see as the strong points or advantages?

  7. Well once they are broken in there is almost no difference at all between the phosfor bronze washers and the crappy factory bearings, but I tend to prefer washers over bearings because they won't jam up with sheetrock or wood dust or anything like that in a work situation.

  8. I see. More utilitarian… less moving parts kind of thing. That’s what I tend toward. I usually don’t mod my knives. But the AD20.5 is my favorite, my Bad Monkey has phosphor bronze and it’s my second favorite knife because of its buttery action. Thanks for the info

  9. Cool, i should let you know that I had a dream once and it was the night before Christmas… and I dreamed I got a bible. The next morning, I woke up and received a bible. I called what present it was whenever I was opening it… anyway, I’ll let you know if I have anymore miraculous dreams.

  10. Is this what’s left a after good use, or is this what’s happened?

  11. I have a rat 2, and a spyderco. Thought they were both awkward and clumsy whenever I got them. They are both never leaving my collection. Thought the rat was a cheap dinky knife… until I opened it more than once. It’s a keeper/beater for sure. Spyderco is fully serrated, I cut sticks with it, it’s a tank.

  12. Rat 2 is a totally different knife though. Rat 1 is chunky and built like a tank, Rat 2 just doesn’t have the same vibes and feels almost too delicate in comparison.

  13. You like that civivi? I don't have any of those yet.

  14. I don’t have any. Closest thing I have to that is my Rat 2. I carry Demko AD 20.5 daily. Alternate the 940 and a Southern Grind Bad Monkey. Own a few Kershaw/Emerson’s that I’m real fond of too, love that wave.

  15. Ohh..I see that now. I carried a rat 1 for years until my wife bought me a cold steel engage 3.5 in S35VN for Christmas. It's nice and heavy and feels great in the hand. I'm a fixed blade kind of guy normally but too hard to carry like that with my job.

  16. Well shit. It appears you have the correct knife. That locking mechanism is intense.

  17. What model Kershaw is this? I’m thinking I want one.

  18. Battle of 180/45 now. Seasoned vet. Reporting for duty

  19. Do not buy right now, you FOMO king. Patience will save you heartache. Why do you want to buy it now? Because it’s run 8k in 4 days? Not, imo, a great time

  20. Chipped blade indicates the blade steel is actually too hard, making it brittle

  21. Second this, try a softer blade steel, it will not chip as easily and will bend instead of breaking.

  22. If that is that Gerber one, it’s trash. I broke it about 2 months into a deployment.

  23. Can confirm, Gerbers will randomly explode/disassemble in your pocket. Bought it once, never again. Second worst knife I’ve ever owned.

  24. I live in Colorado, I like my carpets… they keep my feet warm, you psycho

  25. Not to me it didn't. No sense at all. Still, as long as you kids know what the actual fuck you're talking about, then my tits are as jacked as well

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