1. Does this work with the coupon that was in the fragrance sampler sets around the holiday

  2. Cake Plus Size Resale often puts together outfits like that

  3. You're boosting stats, and in my mind, as long as you are picking them up, then you're good.

  4. We had teens/young adults come into the library in sumo suits and fight.

  5. Golf. And my grandpa, rest his soul, tried to get all of us grandkids to learn the rules.

  6. If you like wrestling, "We Watch Wrestling" is hilarious! So is "Watch It! With Matt and Glennis"

  7. Too bad they don't have a size chart up for the 4XL and the 5XL...

  8. Thank you for saving him! Do we have a current picture?

  9. They "estimated" it. Meaning some fuck was too lazy to get out of the truck. December wasn't that bad, weather wise. They did this to me the third year I lived in my house. My average NIPSCO in the winter is $180-$220. Suddenly we get a $550 bill. I called them and asked wtf and this is what they told me. They said the overage would go as a credit on the next bills, and it did. But still, that fucking sucked.

  10. Are you kidding me?? Thanks for the heads up.

  11. Is there something you need during this sale? If not then no need to buy something just because.My rule of thumb is that if I can get a bigger discount during their VIB sale, I won’t use my 500 points for it. If you’re rouge, that basically means it’s best to use it for items under $50. I like using it for Rare Beauty blushes as that basically makes it 50% off, but those aren’t the only things to buy

  12. Good point. And if use the $10 offer, does that mean I start over, points-wise? I'm more familiar with Ulta's system.

  13. Since we’re talking about shapewear, what do people recommend?

  14. I have never tried shapewear, so I have nothing to offer, sorry.

  15. Not really an answer to your question, but when it first launched I looked into it. I refuse to give Kate Hudson/Fabletics any money because I feel like a) she has enough money and doesn’t need mine and b)it seems scammy to get a membership to buy things for a ‘reasonable’ price.

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