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  1. i havent looked much into watergate, what is this mystical tape that played the president

  2. Essentially a Watergate security guard found a door suspiciously taped open. So he swiftly contacted the authorities who’ll uncover the scandal

  3. Debs was a founding member of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and during the First World War (WWI) he was arrested for violating the Sedition Act of 1918 for giving an anti war speech.

  4. Not the Alaskan city North Pole where he has been a city councilor

  5. I mean to keep with the theme of u.s presidents you could also talk about how Andrew Jackson almost beat his would be assassin to death with his cane .

  6. Still a couple floating around nz.

  7. Theres still one in my hometown i know for sure.

  8. William Gibbs McAdoo was Woodrow Wilson’s son in law who was on route to winning the 1920 election, however because Wilson wanted a third term he blocked his nomination. (Of course Wilson didn’t get what he wanted and instead Cox won the nomination.) Due to this stunt Harding won the presidency.

  9. Back in the 1950s Senator from Wisconsin Joseph McCarthy spearheaded the Red Scare accusing loads of people as communist spies and of those people included some key individuals who would’ve been crucial in understanding the situation in Vietnam and east Asia as a whole.

  10. Yep, I’m currently reading Robert McNamara’s autobiography (the security of defense under Kennedy and Johnson) and he remarks how grossly under informed the state department was about Vietnam due to McCarthy’s actions. He states in his own words: “the irony of this gap (lack of knowledge) was that it existed largely because the top East Asian and China experts in the state department-John Paton Davies, jr., John Stewart Service, and John Carter Vincent- had been purged during the McCarthy hysteria of the 1950s.“

  11. Will there be a future demonstration? Where would I find the details about that?

  12. Eugene Debs one of the most influential labor leaders in American history

  13. James B. Weaver he ran for president under the populist party in 1892

  14. Trump’s entire life can be described as elitist selfishness he doesn’t care about anyone except himself.

  15. Sounds like the CC-144 Challenger is used to transport government officials and foreign dignitaries.

  16. America cannot even win a war against Taliban. How come so many Americans think they could win a war against EVERYBODY?

  17. And that’s with support from our allies

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