My 21 Evora GT at the Hudson Yards NYC

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  1. So... Police beating the shit out of a guy that catcalled a girl is... Civilized...

  2. Conveniently ignore that I said “catcalled and harassed” and not just “catcalled”

  3. Ohhh she was "harassed" well an ass beating is indeed required as every civilized country would say!

  4. Well, he probably learned his lesson so I’m not complaining.

  5. from Europe I'd say that the US cars are enormous (why so many pick-ups?)

  6. Because our roads and parking lots are enormous too lmao

  7. and you need space for all the cup holders I guess ;)

  8. Yes sir. 2 McDonald’s cups in my car at all times.

  9. Try autocross, it’s cheap and very accessible. If you don’t like it then you don’t like it, but there’s no loss in trying it.

  10. My 2020 Ecoboost is pretty “dumb” and I love it. None of that “lane keep assist” crap, no beeping when I do something wrong, physical buttons for everything, normal gauges, etc. Mine is the base model + the 8 inch screen. So I still have CarPlay but everything else is pretty basic.

  11. I do what most don't with this car. Daily and track it. 16k+ in a hair over a year plus 6 track days, goldfish, crumbs, Cheerios from the kids in the back seats... No complaints!

  12. The only way to have a proper Lotus

  13. Nice. I plan on getting an Evora and driving it the way you do. Every day, track, and autocross. I’ll probably be putting at least 15-20k miles a year and I was a little worried that the manual transmission wouldn’t be able to handle that.

  14. Straight line acceleration will be fastest using automatic, you won’t be able to shift better than the computer.

  15. Don’t think that’s a good idea. Just find an NA car with an engine capable of handling boost and slap a supercharger on it. Coyote engines come to mind.

  16. Definitely intercooler first, that’s what most people seem to say is the best mod. Stock intercooler is garbage.

  17. I see these on the road. The regular models have laughably skinny tires for a $60,000 car. Looks disproportionate from the rear. The base tires almost make it look like an economy car from the rear.

  18. The regular model for this car is so hilariously ugly with those tiny wheels and tires it’s kinda embarrassing to see it. The GT looks good though.

  19. Keep them at 32. You're car does not have enough mods to worry about changing tire pressure to increase or decrease performance, nor will you notice any difference if you are not timing any sort of laps.

  20. Same noise here, happens at low speeds when the transmission shifts slowly. Doesn’t happen when the transmission shifts quick

  21. These posts really lack substance when no examples whatsoever are provided.

  22. So it's not really insane! When you actuate the windows (even when they're already closed, the motors probably still try to push them, for a moment at least), you're putting a load on the car's electrical system. Since vehicle electrical systems will typically draw more power from the alternator rather than the battery while the engine is running, by loading the electrical system you are slightly increasing the load on the engine. That is the basis for why this sort of behavior happens.

  23. Thank you for the reply, the shaking that happens when I’m creeping isn’t as bad as it sounds. It makes the car stutter a little bit but nothing too bad. Yeah I’ll stop doing that though.

  24. Maybe I'm too European to understand but why are front license plates such a big deal? Most cars are designed to accommodate them anyway lol

  25. Because they’re ugly, and most sport/enthusiast type cars are not designed with a front license plate in mind.

  26. Are there a lot of mustangs in Saudi Arabia?

  27. No one who is spending $150k on a car like this cares about spending 25%/50%/100% more on gas.

  28. 25% more? Gas has doubled in price in the last couple years. This shit used to be $2 in Texas.

  29. Gas hasn't been $2 even in Texas outside the March 2020 start of the pandemic and for a brief few weeks in early 2016 and 2019.

  30. Well yeah, that’s all pretty recent. Plus it always used to hover between $2 to $2.50, sometimes dropping to below $2.

  31. Cuz the GT is like 7k more at least, worse MPG, and more expensive insurance. Simply too expensive for my budget currently.

  32. 2020 Ecoboost owner with 40k miles here. Bought it with 23k miles 10 months ago (yes I drove a lot)

  33. Is it on the right or left side of the engine block?

  34. Right side (when looking at the engine standing in front of the car)

  35. Nope, not tuning my car at all. Sticking to the only mod being exhaust and that’s it.

  36. Same. I used to have a Cobb tune, then I got paranoid and now I’m just running stock. Only mods are exhaust and suspension. Even the air filter is OEM.

  37. You can try resetting the transmission learning, you can do that at a ford dealer or using a Cobb tuning device (even if the device isn’t yours).

  38. https://www.op.gg/summoners/kr/BIG%20TONKA%20T

  39. MBRP race is great. Raspy deep idle, and it sounds good under full throttle as well. Also budget friendly.

  40. I’ve thought of that too. My dream car is a lotus Evora but how long will I be able to actually find parts for it, assuming I keep it for the rest of my life (which is my plan). I assume we’ll just have to come up with our own solutions and get the help of specialized mechanics, as well as take advantage of junk yard parts.

  41. Look into the price of a clutch replacement on these... this was also my obtainable dream car before I saw how expensive/frequent clutch jobs would be.

  42. That’s why I’m gonna get the automatic Evora lmao. No way I’m spending 10k on a clutch replacement.

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