1. With Amenoma you don’t need much er so switch to an atk% sands, also you want around 40% CR, and upgrade talents.

  2. I’m not sure with amenoma but maybe anything above 2000?

  3. I used her with diona,xinqui and zhongli but her E only hits for 21k like in 1among 3 times and Q for 9k .. so i thought there might be wrong with build

  4. You need to keep enemies frozen so don’t use zhongli, replace him with an anemo unit

  5. I would personally go 4 BS and try and go all atk/cdmg/energy if you can

  6. You want to use atk%/cryo/cdmg main stats on your sands/goblet/circlet. Aim for 2000+ atk, 40crit rate, 140% energy, and as much cdmg as you can get. You also shouldn’t use zhongli in a freeze team.

  7. How many gems do you have, and do you play much outside of doing the story?

  8. If you need raiden but only want the other two then pull raiden

  9. Polar star is better if you play her in a freeze team

  10. If you’ve gotten to pity twice then don’t you have the points to buy her?

  11. Is the team in the second half good? I'm looking for a team made of only men

  12. Looks even better when cinnabar spindle is ascended

  13. For ganyu your better off using venti if you have him. He also refunds 15 energy for the element infused into his ult so energy shouldn’t be a problem.

  14. In freeze teams with venti most of her damage is from her burst, so low raw CA damage isn’t a problem, if you want her to do a lot of CA damage then you can play her in a melt team with wanderers instead of BS.

  15. Depends what you need her to do, but in general you can use favonius/sac bow on her, with 4 noblesse if nobody else on your team has it, or a mix of 2 piece: tenacity,emblem,clam or maiden.

  16. Her shield scales with her hp and duration is based on the amount of the e’s you hit

  17. If you’re using her in a freeze team 20 cr isn’t the worst, you get 40 from bs, 15 from resonance. So you’ve effectively got 75 cr, and maybe I’m forgetting other sources of cr.

  18. Rapid fire canon is a very common item, but ye I guess nobody build quickblades

  19. You’re probably better off going Ayaka, kaeya, venti, Barbara. As Qiqi doesn’t generate energy and Ayaka burst costs 80.

  20. You ideally want to use ganyu, a hydro for freeze, anemo for vv shred and grouping, and another cryo for resonance and to battery ganyu.

  21. You want to switch to a crit damage circlet if possible, 52.4 CR is over the limit of what you need with BS in a freeze team.

  22. Surely that Kazuha is a good option too. If he swirls cryo he can buff ganyu’s damage. But myself personally, Ganyu without ZhongLi is a nightmare. I’m a mobile player.

  23. Ye I think for mobile zhongli is a lot better, but I think for pc or console I’ve heard of people using kazuha to maximise damage.

  24. why does mobile or pc matter? I play them both exactly the same. I also use a controller for both tho, so switching peripherals isn’t necessary

  25. Ye I guess it’s the same when using a controller on both, i just mean if someone is playing touchscreen it’s harder to dodge etc

  26. You will want to level auto attack talents more, and probably more em.

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