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  1. Breaking Bad. Still haven't watched the last season and a half because I stopped caring about any of the characters.

  2. I like my pitchfork. I guess you can spin anything lol.

  3. Or you can just admit that you are wrong? Whiny, entitled teachers don't like to do that though.

  4. I am not even sure what the point of your comment is. I think that it is an attempt at an insult.

  5. Just curious, but don't landlords already make substantial profits through 1) rising equity, which in the past few years has been enormous, and b) having their tenants pay down their mortgage principle for them? Must property owners also receive monthly positive cash flow to their pockets? It seems like if pay off for investing in real estate is so high, there should be some risks associated with this type of investing. One of those risks might be that rent gets capped. Overall, it seems they still come out way on top in the long term run of their investment.

  6. I always thought it was indexed to begin with an covid was the odd year. So it's been under inflation for a decade plus

  7. For those of you who just immediately grab your pitchforks when Ford does anything and also those who are just too lazy to read and love to be outraged:

  8. Our money is separate. We look at net income and split fixed bills according to that. My wife gives me her share near the start of every month and I pay all the bills.

  9. This is what we do also. We split joint expenses by proportion of our net income.

  10. It's crazy how this sub is almost exclusively pro mask. Not too sure why..

  11. This sub is one of the most biased subs on reddit. There are people outraged in other posts here today that Ford limited rent increases in 2023 to 2.5% when if he didn't do anything it would have been over 5% since it is tied to the Ontario CPI.

  12. Noone but reddit and these highly paid experts cares anymore. Where I'm at, masks is a rare sighting. The only places you see people with a mask is health care settings. Probably more mask usage in bigger cities though, but still, good luck getting the general population on wanting to wear one.

  13. I saw 1 person with a mask at a concert with over 25,000 people.

  14. Not sure what your home is valued at but you should keep in mind that your mortgage principle + HELOC cannot be more than 80% of your home value in Canada.

  15. SJ logo is trash. It was cool when it was created in the early 90s but has been lame for decades. It looks like a fake team logo created in a movie because they couldn't get the real league to sign on.

  16. Perhaps they need the money. I know coworkers that can't afford to maximize the match because they need the money for one reason or another.

  17. That is so stupid. You can withdraw RRSP, you just pay tax when you withdraw.

  18. Oh god I see this at work all the time (power plant). Guys who have been there 20 years still with this mindset.

  19. She's being offered 0 severance which is my concern, not the layoff itself.

  20. IANAL but I would have your wife argue that she is entitled to severance under the ESA and common law. Regardless of what the contract says, Ontario does not have at will employment and typically when people are terminated, my understanding is that you are entitled to a week for each year of service AND reasonable compensation to find a new job of similar nature. I am not sure how such a short term of service would affect this but if she has been employed for six months she is for sure entitled to at least half a week's pay under the ESA. The only way a company can terminate without cause in Ontario and not owe any severance is if they terminate in the first 3 months. I doubt that a lawyer would take your case unless you pay them because any settlement is going to be small. She should have a discussion and tell them she believes that she is entitled to compensation and will get a lawyer involved if necessary.

  21. Lol we might as well ask Stephen A Smith to give us his power rankings for the year.

  22. Based on what I read, any flights leaving or arriving later in the day is a generally a shitshow.

  23. Having done three work trips in two months, I can say air travels completely sucks now compared to pre pandemic.

  24. I had no issues in and out of Pearson and the 3 other people that I know have been through Pearson in the past month have had no issue either. It's completely hit or miss.

  25. Inflation isn't your problem, your workplace that is not paying you market rate is. Start looking for a new job.

  26. This is what's wrong with the world (maybe hyperbole), every single comment about Houck's failure. Zero about a moment with Vladdy and thousands of fans who've been awaiting his arrival for years, finally at the point where he's our man bringing down teams like the division rival Red Sox in a pivotal series.

  27. and there is a random locked safe and no one knows what is inside.

  28. Any suggestions? I’ll be there soon

  29. I really enjoyed the night walk at Oasis Arenal Eco Lodge. Walking around the rainforest with flashlights to spot frogs and snakes was pretty cool. We also stayed there in a cabin in the rainforest which was pretty neat.

  30. What exactly has Santa Ono done for the university since his hire?

  31. I can’t imagine spending that on wedding flowers. I want to elope then have a nice family/friends reception at a later date afterwards.

  32. I know at least 2 couples that did this and said that they would have a reception for friends and family. They never got around to having that reception. For weddings, people should do what they want. Screw traditions. It makes no sense to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding and start your marriage off with a large debt.

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