1. I mean, we're 30 years past Section 31's introduction in DS9, so things could've changed. Also Worf is a contractor for Starfleet Intelligence, so it would make sense for him at least to know about Section 31.

  2. That makes no sense. Do the changelings keep all the people they copied captive? They killed the poor dude aboard the Titan and put him into his closet.

  3. Tim Russ tweeted that he appears in two episodes this season, so it's possible he might be rescued

  4. Ah i know where everyone is. They are in this hive mind simulation from that DS9 episode where they dreamt of blowing up the wormhole. That's how they keep retrieving the information they need. Both Vadic and Tuvok hesitated before they gave some information.

  5. Memory Alpha says “between 2386 and 2399,” so I don’t think it’s been said.

  6. Tbh this sounds less like an appeal for flat character arcs, which are essentially about characters who are mostly consistent and change the world around them, and a decrying of contrived and overused conflicts between characters.

  7. Maybe it's because most modern character arcs are full of conflict. Everyone has to have several flaws now that they need to overcome. It's somehow getting tiresome.

  8. That is FOR NO REASON written in English.

  9. Yeah that's probably the sensible response. But have you really never had a crush on a fictional chatacter?

  10. Well well. Reddit is either "nObOdY iS eVeR gOiNg tO sTeAl yOuR sTuFf" or "nEvEr pUbLiSh".

  11. There's a lot of space to explore between "behind closed doors" and "invite the input of every know-nothing rando."

  12. Why, it works for any visual art. Ever been to an art related subreddit? Why not for writing? Are you an elitist?

  13. /uj To be fair, ALL of my stuff that I ever posted on the internet got stolen. Videos I did, 3d models I created, animations I did, short stories I wrote. You will always find someone who stole it and sells it for money. Heck, code I've written in the company got stolen by colleagues in neighboring departments. A professional TV show production tried to steal my 3d models behind my back by trying to scam another 3d artist (I shared them with) claiming that "I had given my ok".

  14. Honestly, you’re just admitting that you are lazy and irresponsible with your own IP.

  15. I can't get over the fact that they turned honor-focused Worf into a backstabbing sneaky bastard.

  16. The dumb way in which these baddies talk (Vadic did the same) is astounding. They seriously are ridiculous beyond the pale, their minions must be having a blast behind their backs. And the way they start giving their oh-how-cool-i-am-nobody-cares speeches takes me out immediately. Seriously, can't they make a realistic adversary? Or can at least someone interject when they start blabbing their nonsense?

  17. There's these TWO moments I genuinely like about Vadic. It's when she yells "Follow them!" enjoying it like a child. And then later, when the Titan rides the wave, she says "There you are, there you are!" excited.

  18. I'm honestly thinking Jack has been possessed by a pah-wraith. The glowing red eyes are what we saw in Keiko, Jake, and Dukat when they were possessed. Plus, it seems that this series is going to circle us to DS9 at some point. I was thinking that as soon as the changelings were brought in. Having Ro give Picard a Bajoran earring that looks more like Kira's than her own tells me we're going to Bajor.

  19. So the red door he sees is actually a standin for a pah wraith wormhole to the Gamma quadrant.

  20. My head canon ends after Insurrection and that VOX episode where Neelix leaves the ship.

  21. This is amazing. But at the same time very low level and generic. I agree with others that a human has more creative ideas.

  22. Yes but the radiation doesn't disappear just because they wanted to siphon it. We're talking about how much radiation a small village needed, compared to the entire surface of the planet. Wasn't the radiation the product of Ba'ku sun (which we never see in space) and its atmosphere? You really don't need to threaten a few hundred people for that, as the radiation would continue to be produced just by leaving the atmosphere alone.

  23. Nah I think it was something in the rings. But when you harvest the radiation you destroy all life on the planet's surface. So relocation made sense.

  24. Yeah but if it's a fable about coal mining, at least there you've established how it's going to harm the local populace. We don't see how the Federation's intended methods are going to harm the Ba'ku beyond telling us that it will happen. Even if it's from the rings, is it the rings themselves that have the radiation? Does it take the entire planet worth of rings to preserve that few of people? If so then how did the Federation assume this would work on a larger scale?

  25. If you wrote a script about a coal mining company, would you answer these questions about coal? I don't think I would.

  26. It's really the charm of the original that was missing from the sequel. The original was the quintessential 90's action movie with fun characters, catchy one-liners, and abundant spectacle. The sequel was a 90's movie made in the 2010's without the charm, and that's largely due to the absence of Will Smith and the sense of humor he brought to the original.

  27. Had I done ID4 2 (the title alone is hilarious) I would have gone all in on making it a sequel.

  28. Mike's hate for Independence Day is just as irrational as his love for Independence Day 2.

  29. They are certainly going to kill off TNG characters. Then, no matter what these other episodes did, I will hate it and deny its existence.

  30. I am genuinely liking Shaw, Riker and 7 of 9 and Amanda Plummer's character.

  31. They are definitely going to kill Riker off. He's going to sacrifice himself to save Jack.

  32. I’m truly baffled at how effective this turnaround has been.

  33. So you've gotten crapped on so often that another turd with a drop of perfume suddenly smells heavenly.

  34. I don't think any of that distracts from a story. I think it makes it more believable, especially with well known things.

  35. Sounds like you need to be pitching writers not studios, right now. Write your story in whatever form you’re comfortable in. Maybe it’s a short story, PowerPoint, free hand… see if the idea gets writers excited. If it does, you can collaborate.

  36. Do you mean collaborating on scripts for the whole season or just on the pilot script?

  37. Seeing a lot of advice here that’s just very different from my professional experience. I’m currently developing a show that I’ve created with a big streamer (the one with the red letter). The show will be shot in Europe but the process started in LA with American development execs. I would think my experience isn’t that exceptional.

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