1. So why does the issue go away after a restart? And why is my gpu usage still pegged high?

  2. What exactly does that mean and how does it correlate to my issue

  3. Oh sorry, misunderstanding. I don't remember my RPMs and I can't check for a while now because I am away from my computer. The fan noise is barely noticable anymore now that I run my fans at min 35%.

  4. I see. I guess I should RMA because my temps are too high u think?

  5. 570x with 6 LL120 fans, 3 intake 3 exhaust 900-1000rpm. Temps drop by 2-3c when front glass and filter are removed.

  6. Did you install the card correctly and remove all packaging/stickers? Are all the fans spinning? Are you using any software to control the fan curves? What are the rest of the temperatures like in your PC and what is your airflow configuration?

  7. Case is 570x with 6 120mm ll120s 3 intake 3 exhaust running at 900-1100rpm. My CPU temps are fine, haven’t really stress tested it because I never saw it as an issue. All fans are spinning, pretty sure no plastic was left on it. In the pic in this post that’s the default fan curve. I’m using MSI afterburner due to the on screen display instead of x1. One thing to note with the front filter and front glass panel removed temps drop by 2-3c.

  8. worth a shot. I would probably do the same before thinking of returning it.

  9. Think I’m just gonna RMA it. I contacted evga and they said the subsequent replacement is still under warranty as well so that’s good for peace of mind. Hopefully I get a cooler card, there’s also another issue, the fans make a weird noise when starting as in this post I made:

  10. Will do. Base is made. Will report back in 24 hours. Lol.

  11. How did you blackout the headlight housing? Or is the car a nismo from factory?

  12. Lexus IS. Performs like a BMW without spending the car's value on maintenance every year.

  13. Which IS engine do u have and which should I look for?

  14. I loved both cars but the mustang lacked customization with it. I miss the performance of daily driving the mustang but you feel more engaged with the Z. And surprisingly gas was better in the mustang considering it was a v8. Can’t say I’d prefer either one cause they are both greats cars

  15. Odd how gas was better in the mustang.. so tell me, does the Z feel slow to you?

  16. Yeah I was really surprised with the gas, about the same mpg on stock tune with the mustang but after the tune I was averaging about 25 on the highway and the gas tank in the mustang was a little smaller than bthe Z. But overall yes is does feel slower, it doesn’t pull as hard and overall is just slower but it’s not horrible if that makes sense.

  17. I mean MAYBE if a bunch of owners want to switch to the new Z and there is an “influx” of 370s added to the market.

  18. We should all collectively agree to not buy a Z over 10k lmao

  19. Bought mine for 15k with 40k miles last summer, 09 touring sport.

  20. Hey my evga 3070ti also has weird fan start an stopping even when set to a constant percentage in afterburner.

  21. Where’s the hysteris in afterburner? And can you elaborate on that part please. Thabks

  22. Dude keep the constant above that certain rpm is what I'm saying lol. My replays late as hell tho so idk if you'll see this

  23. Ive set a fan curve and basically have gotten over it... My temps reach around 77c max while gaming though, is that a concern? Looking online it seems that people are in the 60s with this card.

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  27. How tf are your temps so low?? I have the same card almost reaches 80c when playing PUBG

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  29. Bruh that’s the first thing you do and you can see i saved the songs in the picture. It only worked when i used a different youtube -> mp3 converter.

  30. Which converter? It works on my pc but says its not downloaded and becomes greyed out on my iphone.

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