1. Got the same problem followed these steps in a post from 4 years ago and it worked for me hopefully helps you:

  2. Yeah, all group irons are "fake irons" and nobody cares about prestige. GIMPS are for fun with friends, and you shouldn't care about not being real ironman. Just get rid of prestige and have fun the way it's intended

  3. I see. We enjoy playing as a duo as we have similar approach to playing and others we meet in game tend to be a little too serious for us so keeping the prestige made sense. But if it locks is out of a whole raid then we will have to suck it up!

  4. Like i do duos with my friend, I max max gear and he has salad blade with decent gear. It is legit so much stress if you both don't have scythe. We are very experienced with tob on our mains so it's better for us.

  5. Shit yea we got no chance I should’ve looked into this more when we made our accounts !

  6. Would that medication forever change your body, physically age you, cause you immense pain and fear, take the calcium from your teeth and bones, make you produce milk, then tear you open from your perineum to your asshole with a newborn baby to suddenly care for? Not even touching on the many risks.

  7. What did she spend hers on? Baby supplies?

  8. No Im paying for all baby stuff except maybe some cute bits of clothes she sees. But all the expensive stuff is me.

  9. not as important as kindness, beinv healthy and clean, humor, intelligence, ambition. Good looks only help you in the first weeks. And will mostly only help you with less interesting people.

  10. Tryna decide between Walker and Cucurella all week and decided on Perisic because some nobody on Twitter said he’d start, I deserve all the pain that’s coming

  11. Hahaha, that’s literally me!!! Bro! ;)))

  12. Does the game always take this long to update after the deadline? Not usually awake for the deadline so

  13. Rashford -> Martinelli this week or hold out?

  14. As a United fan and Rashford holder (also got Martinelli) I would have Martinelli over Rashford for sure if it was a choice between them. United look woeful and Rashford has picked up exactly where he left off last season.

  15. Any changes you make to your team now mean nothing for the ongoing game week. You’re choosing next weeks team / captain now.

  16. Tomorrow is Liverpool playing against Fulham. I want to make my 2 players of Liverpool Captain and Vice Captain! Will I still get points or not? Thank you Ps: It's my first year haha😁

  17. Whoever you had as captain and vice captain at the deadline at 6:30pm today (about 4 hours ago) will be your captain and vice captain for all the games in this game week

  18. Arclight is BiS there, use it king. And ya alch the javelin heads, some decent cash there.

  19. Thanks my man. Is there much difference between using msb(I) rune arrows + rcb rune bolts?

  20. Do you see antennas on the back? If not do you see a place where you can screw in an antenna like a coaxial? Possible they ship the antenna detached from the box. Moving antenna/ changing position of antenna can help.

  21. I’m an idiot yes it came with antennas and I had no idea what they were! It came with 2 should I screw then both on?

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