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  1. Seeing this, right before another article about a dog ripping off a babies face had me petrified!

  2. What breed was the dog in question? Pit or staff?

  3. It was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

  4. I hate coming up with titles, wish I could just number them or something. I probably changed everything about this painting a couple times over, as per tradition.

  5. Love the lighting, it looks like it is out on the ocean!

  6. I mean, $11.96 can / should cover 50% - Ms teller can do her part bringing a grand total to $23.92. Pizza with drinks it is.

  7. I apologize ahead of time for my response being a real longboi.

  8. Very intriguing response and has definitely assisted in shifting my views. I can say my view is completely changed out honesty, and largely because of fundamental (societal?) views and norms I have adhered to needing to be amended somewhat but its a start. Thank you for taking the time out to write a very dense and informative response, friend.

  9. Firstly, I would say that you're probably not qualified to be making this judgement either way, as you don't know that it's called gender dysphoria, not dysmorphia.

  10. Apologies, my mistake on the name. I knew it was called dysphoria and have done as much research into it as I can - spelling error on my part.

  11. Kind of annoyed to see people bashing OP for having a hard time, this isn't the souls community i grew with.

  12. Was thinking more about the crumbling place and the tree place 👀

  13. if it helps she is one of the NPCs you can revive by absolving your sins.

  14. Nice! i got the beast guy hostile by accident too so i hope this works for him too

  15. hes hostile because its part of his story. You have to beat him into submission.

  16. No dude, i know that comes later...I accidentally tried out beast roar in his direction :cry:

  17. I honestly believe the art direction took very strong influences from Caspar David Friedrich, 19th century German painter. Not sure how to add pictures but google it, his painting "wanderer above a sea of fog" looks like Liurinia of the lakes took HEAVY inspo from it.

  18. Can I make a 'beast' themed build with beast attacks?

  19. A bit yeah but can't go into specifics because it would get a little spoilery.

  20. Honestly, your relationship does not sound psychologically healthy for you. Before you begin marriage counseling, I would suggest individual counseling for you to talk through what you've experienced. From what you've written, it seems like you're in an emotionally abusive relationship, and it may be more important to talk through the abuse with a professional to determine if you should even stay in the marriage.

  21. Many thanks for the response, really appreciate it. Ultimately - i agree with you.

  22. The relationship does not sound healthy in any means by anything that you described from the way you guys fight to how she basically victimizes herself in every situation.

  23. Thank you very much for the reply. Very insightful and helpful. I will 100% look into marriage counselling and attempt to leave no stone unturned but divorce seems like the most straightforward way for me to increase in happiness and betterment though having a baby has now altered this somewhat. I am committed to making this marriage work until it is obvious it cannot.

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