What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, June 16, 2022

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  1. Imagine me staring at META 167.5c at .23 and hesitating to buy.

  2. I recall seeing someone say something about a housing report tomorrow

  3. It's called a House Call and it'll be promptly at market open

  4. I tricked all my friends and family into thinking I'm some stock trading guru lmao jokes on them I'm in crippling debt and they're none the wiser

  5. The Glapglorgion stock market just opened green af

  6. So it turns out the aliens were inside all of us all along. Like in that one movie where they burst out of your chest

  7. Just stop. If you ever post here again, I will fuckin' choke slam you into a coffee table, with any luck it will be one of those old school antique coffee tables that was made out of the really good wood from deep in the fucking forest and not that Ikea shit that explodes like a fucking stunt table. I will put you right through it, and pull you up by your god damn larynx and then right through the dry wall, my hand would be disappearing into the wall like I just fisted a fucking horse. Then I'd pull you out, you'd have plaster all over your fucking hair, you'd be deprived of 3 quarters of your oxygen, and you'd start to cry. Then I'd just whisper into your ear, really calmly, like one of those bad guys in one of those great 80's movies with Mel Gibson, or fucking Stallone or whatever, where once the goons would get him tied up and the head bad guy that's running shit would come in all relaxed with his dress shoes and suit and would just come up and put his face like parallel to the other dude's face and just come in and whisper in the guy's ear nice and calmly. That's what I'd do to you, as you're struggling to breath, I'd put my head right next to your ear and just be like "If you ever post in this section again, I will fucking kill you. You understand me? The only reason you're not dead right now is because I haven't figured out how to get away with it yet. If you even come in this section again, I swear to god, I will grab you by your fucking baby fat and the top of your fucking head and I will throw you upside down through a bay window" As you sit out there in the rain, picking the glass and the wood shards out of your body, I'm gonna take a tray of hot macaroni and throw it right on your fucking face. That's what I'll do if you ever post here again.

  8. We talkin bout Futures. Why aint we talkin bout Pasts?

  9. My opinion is that yes but maybe no. Possibly even maybe

  10. The sentiment is so bearish and I'm holding puts. So based on the inverse theory, we're going to bounce green

  11. I'm sorry, we don't have Right. Is Sienna Mitts ok?

  12. I'm getting mixed messages here. CVS says answer the phone within a minute, but in that scenario I heard 1 call being ignored so the whole pharmacy could condescendingly correct the new guy Ted for 3 minutes to the tune of backstreet boys. Should we be doing the same ? They never went over this scenario in the WeCare relaunch.

  13. Would love our MLB core to be Beavers and Bush

  14. Golden Corral going to bring his All You Can Eat Buffet

  15. Kelvin Benjamin ready to sign with the Steelers now

  16. Nice! Interested on the build details/software, wanting to make something like this for a home theater

  17. That's the sweetest thing I've seen a Bengal say about anything Steelers related

  18. Jags did beat the Bills and Dolphins. Not likely they win, but at least it's not totally hopeless.

  19. What's funny is you can't tell if this is a joke or not

  20. How did Tomlin keep this dude under wraps for so long?

  21. I remember when he first started going batshit and all of

  22. And sometimes you hit the C gap to get up into that tight end- er ok wait um...

  23. Can’t believe there are people who actually want Ben to still be our QB next year. Can’t imagine being so stupid

  24. It was a joke which apparently was not well received

  25. I'm finding out jokes at Claypool's expense are no longer ok around here lol. After a week of this sub ripping him apart, everyone suddenly has the maturity to say "aw shucks he's just a kid, he'll learn let's not be mean." I appreciated your joke man

  26. Sometimes I feel like some Steeler fans don't deserve to root for this team. Let a young player mature and get better.

  27. Just because I made a joke doesn't mean I'm not rooting for him to be better(tell me you can't laugh at the visual of him doing the first down point after practice for hours?). He's obviously talented and has the tools to be great. But let's be real, my joke is the perception people have of him and it's up to him to make people forget that. An ego left unchecked can turn very bad so I love that this was his response to Tomlin and all the backlash he got.

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