Fodder of the Year

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

For an especially amazing showing.

  1. Can you give better examples of the crashes you're seeing launching other games? I don't think we can jump to the doomsday situation without more info.

  2. Seems like all the best coaches have Mike in their name COYG

  3. Swap in Rudiger for Dias and get a manager that has the Liga Santander.

  4. In the nicest way possible... Congrats and fuck you.

  5. Nice! I didn't feel like sweating my last 3 games to try for 14 so I gave them away, only to realize I needed 1 more win for 25 finals wins objective 😥

  6. TOTY Icon Makelele, and either Centurions Verrati or OTW Sanches w/ a Belgian Ligue 1 manager

  7. Who would you replace him with? I run a French team + Real Madrid and have Giroud up top. 200k to spend

  8. I'd personally put benzema at CAM and grab Centurions Veratti or some other CM. Nice team though, at this point it's down to personal preference

  9. I don't care what anyone says, his base 88 has been fantastic in Div 3 PC

  10. Gold Vini, Alisson, and then do the bale SBC since its so cheap and throw him in at 0 chem 🥶

  11. Try Kimpembe instead of Bailly. That should work for full chem

  12. I'd replace Martinez with WC Stories Rabiot and then swap Maignan for Donnaruma. You'll get two chem from Italy so Tonali doesn't lose chem.

  13. Tbh its impossible to get both Robertson and Hakimi on full chem in a 3-league team. If the 2 chem fullbacks bother you, you'll have to either replace your icons or drop a league.

  14. Reminder that only the GK and Defenders will be in packs tomorrow. If you want your best shot, wait till the 27th

  15. I believe this year they gonna split the team into team 1 and team 2

  16. Interesting. Thanks for the info, I'll see if I can verify.

  17. I did six, and got 89 son, 85 Pogba, two 83s and two 82s. Very happy, but want to keep fodder up for what's to come.

  18. Okocha is responsible for so many of my goals. Highly recommend him for his dribbling.

  19. Either Butragueño (solo striker) or base Okocha (in a striker pair)

  20. I have his Mid, but WC or Prime would also work well

  21. First one I got an 87, an 86, an 85, and the rest 83-84. Second time I got 91 Lewa, dupe 90 Van Djik, and the same 87 dupe so big fodder W

  22. Nah dude. I did the entire sbc the first day and then packed wc zz yesterday. Always start at the lowest but keep high rated fodder

  23. Your case is an exception, not the rule. You just got unlucky.

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