1. Fucking hilarious how the transfer news finally picks up after the Brighton loss after weeks of hearing nothing. I’m starting to think that loss was a blessing in disguise.

  2. mufc will resist any offers made for Scott McTominay as Erik ten Hag sees him as a pivotal player in his first-team plans #mulive [

  3. The transfer by itself is terrible but if we bring in another midfielder to play alongside him then I don’t mind it. Anything to get Fred and McTominay sent to the bench will be good for us.

  4. United sacking Rangnick makes even less sense now looking at their issues with talent id

  5. He pissed off the United board by speaking the truth.

  6. Are we still only going after the “right players” at this point? Lol.

  7. fuck it, bring in Fabian Ruiz, Tielemans and Neves, we need all of them lmao

  8. Unfortunately we will do none of these things.

  9. The whole performance for the whole match yesterday was pure shit, and I have to question those 3 late subs - why did we make them so late at the 90th minute when we was already a goal down.

  10. Its pretty much a time wasting sub at that point lol.

  11. I am gonna sound crazy, but if ETH is still starting McFred by week 5, im giving up on him as the manager to take us out of the gutter.

  12. They shouldn’t even be starting next week.

  13. Fans from other leagues don’t understand it. They were all for the Super League happening.

  14. Maybe La Liga should distribute their broadcast earnings more equally

  15. This exactly. If they want more people to watch their league they need to fix this. Nobody wants to watch Barcelona vs a team they’ve never heard of before.

  16. Unacceptable after the disastrous season we just had.

  17. If Ronaldo is a Manchester United player after the transfer window ends, the decision makers don't have their priorities right.

  18. I’m more concerned about the midfield. Should have been dealt with 3 years ago.

  19. Look at the pace Chelsea moves at in the transfer window compared to us. Fucking amateur I tell ya.

  20. Yet another season where we are going to rely on mcfred. I honestly cannot believe this. Pure garbage. Everyone knew how weak our midfield was, and how badly it needed improving. Yet look.

  21. I don’t think any manager can succeed the Man United job

  22. How will Jizz Hornkamp fit in at Nottingham Forest? 🤔

  23. Nothing but crickets on the Manchester United transfer front.

  24. Why exactly are normal comments inside daily discussions getting downvoted?

  25. This place is messed up with all the downvoting. No other sub I go to downvotes this much lol.

  26. Insigne and LeBron James met in US. Insigne's whole hand is smaller than LeBron's fingers 🤭.

  27. They met in Toronto, Canada. Where Insigne plays.

  28. How do you rate your team's transfer window out of 10?

  29. Looks like glazers have hired people/bots to downvote comments critical of the squad and our lack of business.

  30. People are very liberal with the downvote button here. More so than any other sub that I go on.

  31. One. Downvote me all you want but Gary should be treated like a future star and not just a role player

  32. I don’t think Masai sees it that way considering he never mentions his name in any press conference. Literally names every core player but leaves out Gary lol.

  33. Bournemouth is definitely going straight back down. Fuck me, that squad is terrible

  34. Yeah they better get their ass in gear before the transfer window closes.

  35. What formation has Ten Hag used in the pre-season? I have not watched any games, thanks.

  36. Hassenhuttl is my guess. Wouldn’t be surprised if Southampton started off in the relegation zone

  37. All he needs to work on is his 3’s. If he can start draining those then the sky is the limit for him.

  38. Now that the womens Euro’s are over, change your flairs so we know what team you’re talking about when you say “we” or “us”.

  39. I'll bask in my St George's Cross for a little while longer thanks

  40. Then at least tell us the name of your club in future posts for the love of christ.

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