1. I was starting my campaign with Ghorst, eliminating Nurgle's faction, when suddenly an army of beastmen spawned out of nowhere, as usual, with 3 Cigors and 3 Minotaurs. The next turn they ambushed my support army, slaughtering them all while Ghorst was busy taking over the last rotten settlement. Not enough, they even destroyed one of mine settlements. Only hate exists in my heart now. I think I'll start a campaign with Skarbrand and dedicate myself to eliminating any and all beastmen from the map.

  2. Yeah those armies can be rough for some lords starting out. Even worse when you've already expanded a bit and your still in that stage where you can't reliably support a 2nd army yet and out of no where a full Minotaur/Cygor stack appears in your still relatively weak and undefended territory, happens to me every single time I swear lol.

  3. Idk why I got recommended this post, but high school fucking sucks.

  4. The social hierarchies at my highschool were brutal, if you weren't rich (the town I grew up in is pretty well off) or weren't a part of like 5 different clubs you were right at the bottom and no body noticed your existence. (Basically me)

  5. Cults, at least the Tzeentch and Nurgle ones, desperately need a rework. Only thing keeping the Khorne ones afloat is the lord teleportation option and the Slaanesh ones are ok I guess but just like cults in general could be a lot better.

  6. Don't get me fucking started. The moment the Wild Hunt Crisis spawned - all of their factions slam-dunked on me, while i was trying to get rid of the fucking dwarves for 50 turns now (i've no idea how Thorek survived me taking all of his settlements 2 times just for him to miraculously return after i turn my gaze towards Repanse).

  7. Lol I've seen a Wild Hunt crisis happen and there were Wood Elf armies up by Kholek/Zhatan.

  8. Same today was officially 1 year since I've graduated from highschool and it sucks. I mean I've gotten a little better at handling it but still it's kinda sad that I'll never be in something like HS again, stings even more that my entire junior year was done online (thanks covid! That's something I'll never live down lol). I wasn't popular or anything like that in school, hell most of the time I barely had many friends but I still enjoyed my time there quite a lot.

  9. Did not exist yet, wouldn't for a good few more years too.

  10. First round of RoRs where most of them are actually pretty decent so I'm impressed lol.

  11. A couple of them can beat the Skystriders RoR insanely quickly lol

  12. I noticed the same with Miao Ying. Her unit card looks really good now instead of derpy.

  13. There seems to be quite a few that got updated unit cards. Most of the game 3 lords did at least.

  14. Idk who I was expecting to be the LH but not this lol

  15. "Completely different teams CA said so" barely any updates since WH3 release. Game is beyond broken with pathing and AI.

  16. Acting like WH3 is completely unplayable lol, give it a break with the doomposting

  17. Because it is? Sieges are broken units get stuck in each other all the time, constant 1 by 1 unit micro to get passed a simple gate. If you have any AI allies the enemy AI completely ignores their settlements and beelines towards you. It trivializes the entire campaign doesn't matter what difficulty. Legendary campaign saves get corrupted all the time. There are tons of factions that are also broken with mechanics. Drycha coeddil quest broken, wanted to play some Vilitch but I can't promote to exalted daemons. Fine I'll try belakor, it swaps two of the exalted daemon upgrades, going down tzeentch tree unlocks slaanesh exalted daemons. Daemon tech trees are so bad, I haven't even played kislev and cathay I just went through their tech trees as well and some of them are just awful. Redline trees outdated on tons of lords, CA even acknowledged it and what happens... nothing. Wanted to play Archaeon turns out tons of his redline skills are also broken, Kairos doesn't buff CoC DLC units.

  18. 19 in a little over 2 months but same with no gf

  19. Thought the same and now I'm almost 19, still nothing lol

  20. Thats alright thats a pretty common occurrence. I just only finished up my first year of CC and I've basically already forgotten what I learned in my 2 math classes because my area of study has nothing to do with math.

  21. Is it really nurglish? I thought it was nurglict. Also it’s tzeentchian.

  22. Minecraft, GTA 5, and Call of Duty games were the big trifecta of popular games back then. Was not alive to experience the new century happening.

  23. New set of Regiments of Renowned for the WH3 races

  24. Nurgle Tech Tree that was literally made for RoC with all it's climate specific bonuses lol

  25. Pretty sure Daemons of Chaos don't get any mortal lords and heroes, so no Chaos Lords, Sorcerer Lords, Daemon Princes, Exalted Heros, Sorcerers, and Cultists.

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