1. Kind of but not quite. This Uncharted sequence was way different. Only the running up a falling train part was same. Then I guess it's close enough.

  2. Cody missing out on the perfect opportunity for "who here fancies themselves a journalist?".

  3. You know this would be a perfect post for the DD thread.

  4. I fully agree with him and want all pundits to say the same. The lesser the hype and expectations, the better. Why are Arsenal fans so bothered with the opinion of pundits anyway? Why this constant need for external validation? Our football is validation, our position in the league table is validation.

  5. So wonderful to find a ratings thread where people can actually speak their mind instead of seeing removed comments.

  6. Remember when Jericho trademarked Million Viewers Man or something like that and couldn't use it because Dynamite was not drawing? And then Punk came and his Dynamite appearances kept consistently drawing a million. Punk and even Cody are the cool kids that Jericho had tried to be all his life.

  7. You know if bald ftr didn’t have Twitter I’d like them a lot more just saying…….

  8. The following is a partial list of terms and phrases that will immediately tell people your opinions are worthless:

  9. The Bengali movie Bhranti Bilash is an absolute classic. So happy that this film will be a disaster.

  10. Hating every song coming from pathaan is not criticism

  11. This is just so cringe. Not hot at all. Is Deepika not hot anymore? This feels so weird

  12. Last year Sardar Udham was not sent as India's official Oscar entry because it had too much hatred against British. I am sure they feel the same about RRR. Colonial hangover is still so strong.

  13. I will absolutely do that you wise one!! Thank you!! You make this world a better place. Woww!! So divine and spiritual your posts are. I am sure you are some one as successful as nepo duds, or will be soon

  14. You didn't have logical counter points lol. Everything the person above said about Kangana is true and you didn't have any comeback so needed to resort to cringe.

  15. People saying kantara , stfu please ...... It was perfectly rated ......

  16. Oh please, the story was a total cliche, evil landowner zamindar, villagers rising led by a larger than life protagonist. The execution wasn't great either, the fight scenes were unimaginative and nothing outstanding. There were problematic scenes like the female lead being molested by the hero. I have no idea why this movie is supposed to be great at all.

  17. Cool I watched it with a great respect to rishab . The story was old , what did you expect in a story of village God ? Fight with another village God ? Bruh . Imma accept with you with the fight scenes tho . The climax acting and the whole expression play he did in the film can't be done without a director (like , in rrr if ramcharan was said to do acting without rajamouli, he couldn't right?) That small reason is enough for the respect .......

  18. I respect your POV, I simply didn't find it great and I went in with a lot of expectations because of the rave reviews.

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