1. Bruh they are smaller than her attacks What else do u expect her to do? Magically connect her attacks?

  2. Baizu animations are not that great but Kaveh looks so cool

  3. I mean, its kinda good, since more people is noticing that her kit is lacking, more if they just have it C0, so we'll have more people complaining.

  4. Or maybe mihoyo is getting decent sales from trash kits so they'll make future characters like this too

  5. Got Mona and Dehya (triple crowned her) then got Cyno's weapon at 20 pt

  6. Would be funny if that was the visual indicator that she is being effected by red manes blood or something.

  7. Theme tune was good, but I found the trailer overall to be very lacking. "Oh... that was it?" Especially compared to the others in 3.x.

  8. It was better than nilou killing a fooking mushroom 😭✋

  9. Poseidon actually, he was the one to give us a pov of what it's like to be a god in that universe

  10. If I weren’t into leaks, I would have done the trial run and waited for content creator reviews on how she works before pulling.

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