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  1. Retail theft is up at Walmart because many/most have moved to self-checkout. You may have one employee trying to watch up to eight lanes. Thieves see it as an opportunity not to be wasted. They try every trick in the book. Even normal shoppers can miss things - they're shoppers, not cashiers. They get lumped in with the deliberate thieves. What Walmart needs to close are the self-checkout lines, not stores.

  2. Yeah, the bandaid metaphor is wildly misused. Bandaids are very useful. Nobody should be against bandaids. They just aren't sufficient for solving deep problems.

  3. I'm not sure where the comment fits in regard to the forum. Yes, he made a substitution, but it certainly wasn't a bad one, and it made the dish better, at least for himself. For those that don't cook, he substituted citric acid in place of acetic acid. I can see where many people would - acetic acid does a trick to my stomach, and why would I want pickle flavored pancakes? Lemon flavored pancakes sounds much better! I would have made the same substitution in the recipe, myself.

  4. Click on the image. I probably should've cropped it better so the other comment wasn't included.

  5. If the dog is you know where, what is that thing in the mud on the right in the middle??

  6. THANK YOU!! Finally, a FindTheSniper that isn't centered, doesn't expect you to figure out which two pixels are the thing in question, and is still reasonably tough to do even at full resolution. THIS is what we come for.

  7. Wait til you hear it's made of beetle shit. Lac beetle excrement, specifically. I know, it doesn't outright call it beetle shit, but confectioner's sugar is made entirely from lac-resin. That's why candy corn has a little shine to it.

  8. Seriously it's like 5 pixels that barely look like anything. Always frustrating when these are such poor quality images.

  9. I thought it was a wig. You have to go to the largest size to make out any details. But what gives it away is that even though it looks like a wig, it's not part of the repeating picture. Look up where the picture repeats above and the "wig" is missing. Therefore, the wig is really a cat, even if it doesn't look like a cat.

  10. Fun fact: The Norwegian word for "bat" translates directly as "flapping mouse".

  11. The English word for "bat" is a club used to knock flying things out of the air. :grin:

  12. Well, it's a gravestone but yes.

  13. That is the cat... but what's the black thing on top of the standing gravestone behind it? It's a little blurry to tell exactly, but I did think it was the cat initially.

  14. A crow. There's lots there because someone feeds them.

  15. As usual, right in the EFFIN' MIDDLE OF THE PHOTO! OP, just crop your images slightly on a couple sides to shift the subject out of the center and they'll be MUCH better. When you finally spot the soldier, think about how much better it would have been with him slightly back and to the left.. see?

  16. I thought for sure the next sentence would be "She was making decaf for breakfast."

  17. If you get pulled over with a thousand dollars in your pocket, the cops can take that from you on grounds that it's a suspicious amount of money. Could be for illegal activity. Hand it over and move along.

  18. It's not even a large amount. The last figure I saw said the average amount seized by Civil Robbery was less than $200. Do you have $100 in your wallet? Not anymore. Are you going to fight the police to get your $100 back? That's how Civil Robbery works - the lower the amount of cash they take, the less likely you are to fight, so the more they get to keep. You WILL fight to get $100K back, but not $100.

  19. The wish failed. Some of us were considered "essential" and still had to go in to work. I appreciate the thought though.

  20. Funny, at $12 an hour, I sure didn't FEEL essential. I would be willing to bet that the level of essential was inversely proportional to their income.

  21. For the same reason some water cisterns in hot climates have a layer of floating "ping pong balls" on the surface to reduce evaporation and algae growth.

  22. Well, they're closer to the size of a softball rather than a ping pong ball, and they're colored black where most people would THINK you'd color them white to reflect the light, but yeah, they put a bunch of black plastic balls into reservoirs to help prevent evaporation and biotic growth.

  23. I am assuming it's black plastic balls because white plastic balls might more easily let light pass through, allowing the algae to still get some sunlight, while black ones don't.

  24. Yes, exactly right. In short, it's easier and cheaper to make a better black color than a better white color. There have been recent advances on a better white in paint, but I don't think it applies to these plastic balls. It's mainly for buildings/homes.

  25. First, it's marked as easy. And second, it's nooooooot quite the center - it's a smidgen off to the right. :)

  26. The problem isn’t the probationary period (although probationary periods do fuck over disabled people and people with disabled family members but I digress).

  27. This is the exact same problem at schools. Today's society is OBSESSED with perfect attendance, be it at school or work. All it does is spread the disease around to healthy people. Sick days shouldn't be something you earn, they should be mandatory, even if you have to report to a company doctor to verify you're sick.

  28. That's one of the best posts I've seen in the sub in a while ty

  29. Baby's First FindTheSniper. It took me less than one second on the smallest resolution pic. One star out of five... and that's only because it's not in the exact center like so many others.

  30. 😆 harsh. But yes. I saw the complaints about the posting in the center. So I made sure to offset it. I’ll make it harder next time.

  31. Sorry to be so harsh... on the plus side, it was better than many others. As mentioned, it wasn't in the exact center. Bump the scale a bit - one second is a bit quick, I think needing one minute to find it would be much better. That would at least get you three stars.

  32. When my dad was in the Navy, if a seaman fell in the water at Venice (Italy), they gave them EVERY vaccine out plus a broad spectrum antibiotic.

  33. A seaman falling into the water in Venice has to be a euphemism

  34. Yes, it sure does, but that's just what you call sailors in the Navy. And there's all kinds of places they try to warn them about. For example, when they put into port in Egypt, they provided men going ashore with bag lunches and orders not to eat the food or drink the water. It's easy to tell the ones who do - they spend the next week on the can. It's generally safe to drink the booze, the alcohol kills the germs, so it's usually not a problem if they go bar-hopping (as long as they don't go and cheer for the bull when in places like TJ). It's when they decide to try the local cuisine that they wind up with the runs (or worse).

  35. The last sentence of the message is mistaken. Streaming is still fine. This problem arose because of two CABLE TV NETWORKS who are now trying to pretend they know what the hell streaming even is. "I is stremeing netwerk nauh!"

  36. The funny part is he has a perfectly good cat-pole in the corner by the window.

  37. Found some dog crap! Lots of pinecones... what looks like a chipmunk nose sticking out of the brush at the intersection of

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