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  1. Just RNG. Opened 4 gifts to get 3 eggs I needed.

  2. I managed 12 first day, and 10 second day.

  3. I felt the same with Australia. Most people in my discord got between 4-8 shinies for the full 6 hours. Only a few of us managed 10+. I have better luck with Community Days

  4. It’s a long stretch but In the main games Psyducks ability is Cloud Nine.

  5. Just missing Tauros. One day I’ll get it.

  6. 859343524152 Feel free to add. Returning player on everyday.

  7. If you frequent a place often you can use the history tab up in the corner to select the place instead of scanning the qr code. It’s made checking in so much quicker

  8. It takes forever but I always buy the $1 poke coins. I’m QLD as well.

  9. I got a Shundo Mareep from an egg. One of my rarest mons I believe.

  10. I did snapshot of landorus, but now am stuck on snapshot of the other two

  11. Wait until the next one. That’s the I’m struck on

  12. Depends if you like your guild. If you don’t mind moving on then I would suggest moving to a stronger guild. Stronger active guild means being able to progress further faster.

  13. Haven’t tried my key yet(I’m Australia) Will keep you posted. I really want to play it

  14. I’ve never had that happen, and I changed the requirements pretty frequently for a while when I was trying to figure out the right number

  15. Should’ve checked discord but it’s a known bug they fixing for IPhone. Thank you for help.

  16. Ever since they first announced CC I was over the moon! Can’t believe it’s already 3 months and still no fix. Can play on my own, but it’s just not the same.

  17. Your not alone. I feel the same way about dd2. I guess everyone has their own opinions, but it would be cool to see why the game is not well received.

  18. This is what I’ve been looking for too. I’ve heard on their Twitter that they only talking about upcoming patches for the game, but nothing about the Aus/Nz situation. After waiting a long time to play this game with the family, I’ve kinda given up playing at the moment. There is only so much you can play on your own, plus it’s more enjoyable playing with other people.

  19. No, same thing here. Never had drift ever before and I play my system daily. New cons. It's ONLY in this game. I don't understand it

  20. I fixed mine. In your console settings you can update your controller. That did it for me.

  21. I tried that as soon as it started happening. No change. But it doesn't happen with the same cons in other games, so idk

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