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  1. Personally I recommend logging out in a remote location thats far away from other players in the city. For gridania it's probably botanists guild and in limsa I logged out near the marauders guild. That way you're in the city when you log in, right next to an aetheryte to immediately move to the quest npc but there won't be a million other players around you :) And no we don't know where the npcs will show up. For Dancer/Limsa the best guesses are arcanists guild ferry entrance, harbour near fishers guild or at the inn. Gunbreaker it might be the inn or basically any other location in gridania.

  2. Yea i logged out right outside of the cul guild next to the aetheryte because logging in next to the big aetheryte will be a bitch and a half

  3. Not that I looked at her ass to check. But yea, tho, jokes on me. Thats what I wanted, beside downvotes. It is funny, how people react to such comments. For me.

  4. Not only is FF7 a remake it’s a reimagining as well with added story elements

  5. I feel Cloud's moveset would be very close to Makoto's. Physical attacks and nuclear spells

  6. 47D says:

    Isn't he betraying the trust agreement by describing this exclusive demo in detail? How can he expect to ever get invited back to these private events if he can't keep a secret?

  7. The only people allowed were news sites and a select few people so they wanted to get the word out

  8. Do we know if the infinite undiscovery event will ever come to the NA version

  9. So the solider is real shit (snake) but the soldier is weeb hell (cloud)

  10. It’s not erdrick lol i mean yea erdrick was in it but it’s the luminary’s trailer

  11. They aren’t gonna add western character wa wa wa 😭😭😭 /s 😒

  12. Riku in CoM; Riku in DDD; Terra, Ventus, Aqua in BBS; Org 13, Donald, Goofy, Sora, Mickey, and Riku in Days

  13. In the new remind trailer there's a form change. For a split second you can see it's the

  14. It also changes Sora’s jacket to white like Roxas’ shirt

  15. She gets a lot of screen time hyping her up, her saying she will protect Sora, first battle, back to be the damsel in distress so Sora has to go and rescue her, she get's killed and Sora literally doesn't care at all.

  16. “Sora literally doesn’t care at all” uh what, Sora was pissed and couldn’t just break down again with Xehanort right in front of him.

  17. I really want the Infinite Undiscovery event 😫😫

  18. Best one I've seen so far, I would use nearly all of these. Maybe replace Pitou with either Train, Kazuki (not sure what kind of moveset he'd have though), Gintoki, or Byakuya.

  19. I know everyone wants Digiorno’s, Jolyne and Joseph but why can’t we go old school and get Jonathan especially since DIO is in the game

  20. I thought that was Siren because her chest was so big tbh

  21. Noel as an assassin using his daggers and spear

  22. Yes to smoker meruem toriko and medoka, i would replace krillin with broly or beerus and replace arale with allen walker

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