1. Bruh the post didn't mentioned that the country is Serbia not my comment you need to learn the difference between a comment and a post. what an idiot it get edited after my comment but never mind.

  2. The best option for you is to keep using Windows it will keep running normally after it expired.

  3. I can't see a problem. Some hate reading and taking notes. They usually learn when they do it themself.

  4. Spawns sucks and most of players looking for killa with good gear. But if you learn the spawns you should be fine.

  5. If you already sad abot 10 moonshine you need to stop feeding the beast aka scav case. I feed him 3-5 a day. But i have like a scav junk box full with intelligences and water filter and 3 food storage with sugar. (I bought them first week of the wipe). Try 95k i got more value.

  6. i see nothing wrong did you find out what's wrong?

  7. I did the same bulid without defiance low profile flip up rearsight

  8. sus players i see are in interchange and reverse. I dont see a lot of pmc's in lighthouse only scavs. But the map is terrible with fps, shattering

  9. Did u get rust for free?! If you paid for a game u get a drop i think

  10. Both have his advantages- the real question is do you feel comfortable with water inside your case?

  11. Maybe she wants to come with her bf but he keeps changing his mind. Kinda wierd but not so crazy.

  12. "Is this person annoying? No. It must be his completely irrational woman who is pulling the strings."

  13. I edited my comment if this will make you feel better.

  14. Where you can't find scav on shoreline? Scav island- gas station- cottage- construction site near the pier- pier - weather station- the electricity building idk what his name but you can use Hep key there. Then you gave resort self... behind the resort you have a rock with 1-2 sniper scav- every convoy have 2-3 scavs and near swamp and path to lighthouse you have 2-3 scav. Killing scav on shoreline is the easiest thing i ever did i this game. I usually patrol between weather contraction and pier easy 10 kill

  15. Oh yes powerplant... was too lazy to google that

  16. For online gaming UTP cable is a must.. for other things wirless is fine. You need to try it both and decide then.

  17. If it is so easy just make a better game yourself. Lazy lmfao. Look at latest battlefield games to come out and tell me just how easy it is to make a good game.

  18. Make a better game yourself! I didn't think that before? Okay thnx for your contribution.

  19. Which contents? I saw trailers ... we have streets we have arena we have a new trader which make no sense but he is so brutal he take a ransom of 100 trillion roubles from the whole country.. yet they can't change anything about the stupid quest thing and i can't hear someone full sprinting metal stairs in dorms. I play the game just because my friends playing it and there nothing else to do. But i deserve better surely you too

  20. A camera will hurt "Tarkov realism". If the game is so buggy i can't imagine how the replay system will look like

  21. Karen is an idea and ideas don't die just ignore her. If she don't like it she can go and complain to the company or other people idk who just don't knock on my window for whatever reason.

  22. Your friend hit the other guy too.. if he get killed and didn't fire back then you get 0.03 plus rep for killing traitor

  23. Merin and hill house are mostly empty for me... shoreline sucks specially the blue tape key. I didn't find any ledx or gpu this wipe.

  24. Sanis room in resort has been meeh since last wipe. Its the last room i check on east wing

  25. The whole resort is meeh so sad that the only good loot is on lighthouse.

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