I’m a paraplegic with a trach. For my 30th birthday I went skydiving to knock something off my bucket list & almost kicked the bucket instead. Falling from the sky like a rag doll, I broke my femur, tibia and both arms, as my limbs flailed like wet noodles. I would love for Reddit to roast me

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  1. Is the top lead or coated in lead? If it is a soldering iron it would probably be copper that has been coated with lead. This would be used for soldering copper roofing gutters and flashing not for delicate electronics.

  2. - no evidence of copper there ............. probably solid lead ........... the weight is also commensurate with that volume of lead -

  3. Stop them and sak them how much money it will take right now to stop them from harassing you. When they give you a dollar amount start beating their ass until they pay you. Then give them the money they asked for and tell them to fuck off

  4. There appears to be a solid and a veneer option. What was your experience with dealing with Menards to get the botched doors fixed?

  5. The poor quality was not brought to my attention by the installer prior to instalation. The doors were ordered and paid for almost a full year before instalation. The labor to replace the doors again was not something menards was going to cover. Long story short I don't live in that house anymore and not my problem but menards made next to no attempt to make anything right. I think they offered a $50 store credit.

  6. Where did you store them for that year? I'm just trying to get a good picture.

  7. Most of the time was waiting on menards to actually get the doors manufactured the rest of the time they were stored in the basement waiting on the contractor.

  8. That spiral groove is for dispersing grease evenly across the shaft.

  9. But then you would have to keep buying bags of rocks. Also, what do you do when one of the rocks gets thrown back at you?

  10. Just get a dog to fetch the rocks for you after they're thrown. Problem solved

  11. First you have to get pegged. A lot. Then fill your asshole with drugs instead of dicks.

  12. Yeah, that's a good point. In my line of work (maintenance at a low-income apartment), they both usually need to be replaced, so we always just buy pre-hung

  13. You can cheaply rip out and install a cheap prehung door and pre-mitered trim in less time than carrying in the proper tools to mortice the hinges, drill the lockset, and fit a new door to the old case. Building maintenance is all about keeping costs low.

  14. I know a guy that knows a guy who robbed a guy that can get you all the black market babies you want for $500 a head. Bodies are extra

  15. Push the lever in against the spring past the hex head on the bolt and readjust position. Then turn further

  16. Colerain township police dept on Springdale has a place dedicated for this with cones set up in their parking lot

  17. It pays about $20/session. By the time you wait in line and get hooked up and disconnected from the machine you end up making less than minimum wage. Csl plasma is horrible and have all kinds of convoluted pay scales and bonuses that they never pay out. Then you have to get paid on their prepaid card and pay a fee on every transaction. It's just not worth the bullshit and headache involved unless you're pretty desperate for a bag

  18. I knew some friends in college that tried it and yeah this was the experience, not worth it

  19. I went twice because my buddy got a referral bonus. I was also supposed to get the bonus for the first 2 months. 2nd time they never put the money on my card. Went and spoke to them about it and they tried getting me to give more plasma while I was there after not paying me for the last time. Still never got the pay or the bonus.

  20. If you can build it on a computer you can build it in real life.

  21. Dust collection. I wish it was the first thing I put in my shop not the last.

  22. Thank you. The whole thing is made from ½" plywood except the backs. ³/16 ply with 2" Styrofoam sheet "glued" in with great stuff expanding foam. Leftovers used for the climbing structure. Between 3-5 coats of grey original dryloc paint on everything to seal and waterproof. Nontoxic acrylic paint for the color. Use toothpicks and wooden skewers to secure the "rocks" when stacking and attaching to the back wall. Secure it all with greatstuff and let it offgass for at least a few weeks. Same with the paint. This was about 2 months to build mostly due to the drying curing and off gassing process. Actual case build was about a weekend. Sanding filling sealing another weekend paint another weekend decor and more dryloc inside another weekend and then another month to let it all sit and air out. When it's all done in one weekend is when people have problems.

  23. Bake them a pie and welcome the new neighbors to the street. Bring up the subject of renting vs owning and congratulate them on not falling into the trap of renting. Offer to help them with some home improvements and curb appeal items to keep the property values up. Maybe they're new at adulting and could use some guidance. If all that doesn't work you could try thoughts and prayers.

  24. Offer to tow their car to a more desirable location. Or wait it out till they get their shit together or od

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