1. I always hear the Bob Newhart show theme when I see those buildings.

  2. hey sorry it took so long to reply- you were right, thank you so much for the help !!!! (and yes i do feel like a gigantic imbecile for misunderstanding this LOL)

  3. No worries, and don't feel bad. That diagram was far from clear. Making their instructions without words so they don't need to be translated for different destinations is to blame. You persevered, got help when you needed and now you have a broader skill set. Experience is it's own reward. Be proud.

  4. All Mother Mountain is Norad, it's why the Nora have their name. The Random Side Quest has a

  5. But does it still work? I can't see the button for the song to play :(

  6. Seems no one was willing to take him to the river, and toss him in the water.

  7. Whats broken about it? If the leds don't work replace the transformer. If the fan doesn't work check the switch, the capacitor and the motor. That's a fancy high price unit, they'll sell repair and replacement parts.

  8. When I turn the fan on, it makes an engine rattling sound and the fan doesn’t start.

  9. Search for an online install manual, then remove the covers so you can access the motor and fan. Sounds like something may be jamming the fan or it may have come loose. May be a wire or a piece of ductwork or a loose label. Should be fixable. And again, it's a GE, parts are available.

  10. Put a board under the register diagonally across the low corners. Then press down on the two high corners to straighten the frame.

  11. I want to hang a large 42in x 72in frameless mirror on my garage wall. I would say it weighs between 60-80lbs. I will be dropping weights on the mats below so not sure if that will affect the hanging mirror. What are the best options to hang this thing? The garage wall does have some wooden studs in the area. Mirror image below.

  12. Search online for Mirror J channel. It's an aluminum channel with one leg longer than the other. Mount this to the studs and then set the bottom of the mirror in the channel. Secure the top of the mirror with mirror clips also screwed into the studs. You can additionally put silicone mirror adhesive on the wall if you want to eliminate vibration, but it make make the mirror impossible to remove without breaking it later.

  13. If you're talking about ceramic tile, put cement board down over the wood floor then lay the tile on the cement board.

  14. I so regret pirating Picard. Had I refused to sail the high seas, I would still love TNG.

  15. Huh, maybe piracy really isn't a victimless crime?

  16. Someone didnt want their bread and eggs anymore

  17. Are we not talking about the fact that it's a 10 pack of eggs? Does the Netherlands not sell eggs by the Dozen? Are they Metric Eggs?

  18. You've really made me philosophically question why we always sell eggs in 12s now

  19. Not really philosophical, but if you'll excuse me for going all pedantic on a Sunday afternoon, 12 is quite literally an easy number to handle. We think of counting on our fingers to 10 but we're actually counting fingers not on our fingers. If you look at your hand palm up, there are three pads on each finger, or three joints if you prefer. If you use your thumb to count each pad you get 12. Use the fingers of your non-dominate hand to collect 12's and you get 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60. So a handful of 12's is 60, and there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. We get these number conventions from the ancient Sumerians. So in the old days someone could hold any number up to 72 without the need to write it down, or even knowing how to write. Like 60, 72 also shows up in religious and mystical stories. And the "magic" of these numbers seem to be confirmed by coincidences in nature. There are 12 full moons in a year, roughly. And there are roughly 60 heartbeats in a minute, if you're healthy and at rest. Galileo regularly used his pulse to measure experiments. So that's part of why we have a unique name for twelve, ie a dozen. And eggs and donuts and cookies are still sold by the dozen. They used to group small items by the gross, which is a dozen dozens or 144. I'll stop now.

  20. I'd go up to the shower head at least but considering how much you've done already going all the way up isn't that much more. Do leave the corner, so go up to about 3" from the ceiling. Prevents any pathway for splashed water to get behind the wall. Also put 3mil plastic over the studs and insulation before you install the backer.

  21. You can craft potions out in the wild, hold down on the dpad when the potion is in place and it'll bring up a menu to craft the potion or reposition where it is on the "tool belt". You do need to have the items on you, not in the stash. You can craft at a shelter and use items from the stash for ammo, but it doesn't do it for traps. A good habit is to always reload from your stash after you craft at the bench before heading out. Also potions require Vigorstem, which is randomly collected whenever you pick any plant, so pick them all as you move through the world.

  22. see thats the thing...all 3 wires on one of the switches are setting off the voltage tester with the fast chirping. I know some basic wiring but that is throwing me for a loop

  23. Are they still connected to the switch? You want to remove and separate them first so you can determine which one the power is coming in on.

  24. Correct and yes I did that when I determined all 3 were showing as hot

  25. Turn off the breaker and remove the wires from the switch. Then turn the breaker on and check for hot. If a hot wire is coming into the switch it will energize one or even two others.

  26. I love the game, platt'ed and played it several times. But no the deluxe isn't worth it, the complete edition is though. The Complete Edition has the Frozen Wilds DLC and the outfits from the Deluxe too. But that's all that's in the Deluxe as I recall, and they aren't high level outfits. You can buy outfits in the game with better stats fairly early.

  27. So I just edited my post because my dumb ass put HZD when I actually meant HFW. I’m sorry

  28. No worries, I think I've made a typo in the title of almost every post I've made. Not sure whats in the deluxe for HFW though, so can't say.

  29. Thanks for your help. Just updated the post but copying here as well. Curious if this solidifies your opinion that is it the cartridge/o-rings?

  30. this is perfect thank you! pretty much identical to my setup!

  31. Cool, do be sure to turn off the main water first. : )

  32. Jon was at least having some fun trying against a actual countdown champion.

  33. Yeah, there was another ep where he could have picked a champ as help but went with Rob Becket just so he could compete against a real countdown player. He's truly competitive, glad he got the 9 letter word.

  34. Also thought it was interesting she said the dress she's wearing was her wedding dress, ie the dress she wore when she got married while pregnant with her first child.

  35. Personally I think it means Automated Manufacturing Foundry. What the tribes call a Cauldron. Although Lis and Gaia call them Cauldrons too.

  36. He's ruined more than TNG for me. When he showed up in Multiverse of Madness, I couldn't see Professor X, all I saw was Stewart stumbling through the part.

  37. Luna said the first 3 eps are almost 2 hours long

  38. Each or all together? They're premiering with the first three eps. If they were 2 hours each they'd probably only do two eps. They've done that with other series. So I'm guessing 40 mins per, including intro and credits.

  39. I liked the three part DLC in Pete's game, sort of like a series of comic books. Each with an independent story but also with a connected narrative. Miles Morales is a much shorter game though. I honestly think it started out as a second season of DLC but then with the success of Into The Spider-Verse and the opportunity to make a release game for the PS5 they developed it into it's own full game.

  40. Yes, but it is original to the game from release. You can also find a couple storefronts with Insomniacs name and logo on them in the city.

  41. I've had trouble finding trim kits for the push/pull diverter valves. One customer resorted to having the existing metal parts powder coated. But that wouldn't do anything for the plastic parts of your unit.

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