1. Did u use an heat gun to soften the glue stripes (u should? What is the problem? U are installing an new screen.

  2. Well I just feel water blue or turquoise would be a good opposition color but that's just me lol, good job btw :)

  3. Yea. Contrasting colours! Try a test model with turquiose. Btw. Colorwheel or complementary colours on Google are your friend if u are to stupid to remember like me.

  4. U need a bunch if u want to play 3d games,but nothing prevents u from building it yourself.

  5. Just my 2cents. Normal horn look is out because of the armor. I wont introduce a new colour to the scheme. So maybe Gold or the red. I would be tempted to try the gold.

  6. Buy something like these cheap paletted and then fill in proper dropper bottles if u want for future use.

  7. Rly good paint job. Might be because of the compression in combination with the added texture with your stippling, but I think u got a bit of overexposure.

  8. Oh and ideally not models which are basically naked. Women wear clothes too.

  9. For Reserves 3 times 5 Wracks are an good option. Helps in scoring secondaries. Fear and terror is an awefull secondaries vs most factions.

  10. Thanks for that suggestion, will maybe try running more wracks in reserve in the future though it would cost more CP that way.

  11. Ah. Looks like BS is not up showing it correctly. Even after update I cant make it count the the once free WLT and normal relic as cp spend.

  12. There's like a dozen posts a day asking for STLs so idk why they're acting like nobody asks for non them here. Plus every site's search function fucking sucks.

  13. Sry. Wasnt meant to be rude. I am not an native speaker an typing from mobile. I just wanted to point him in the right direction.

  14. U dont need UV. Just put it in sunlight. Wear gloves. U wash your print in warm water (makes Supports easier to remove). Never wash the print with in your sink! Use a small box.Take the print out. Let it dry and cure in the sun after u removed the supports. Never leave the print in the water. The water u could place in the sun as well and evaporate, dont dispose in your sink since the water is contaminated with resin.

  15. U could sort cults game section bye downloads. Than u will fin good files for primaris and and all these stuff. Just remember that space marine are like prime beef.

  16. Check out edge minitures. He got a lot of dark space elves and some with capes etc. He is adding different flavours regularly.

  17. Right... After all I'll play against a friend, so we can solve it in the best way possible: a duel to the death with improvised weapons.

  18. Boring. Both take an wychblade out of an gw sprue and it is not allowed to touch each other with anything but the blade. Muhahahahah

  19. I haven't got the colour I want, that's the problem. I bought a set of scale 75 which had the amazing decayed metal and old copper but it didn't have the Victorian brass which I want for my current project. But I do have a bunch of citadel metallics and a few Vallejo.

  20. Then simply buy the scale75. I mean there is no hidden achievement for only painting with citadel paints (an their metals are quite underwhelming)

  21. I really don't want to have to wait for paint to arrive when I may have something here that will suffice. Thanks for your advice

  22. U got some contrast? Hen u can use something brown over silver to get a nice Brass. If u got a citadel Brass u are most likely as close as u will get.

  23. U could check emang. I dont know if his arms are fixed, but u could easily cult them in meshmixer.

  24. +1 to Helforged they have great stuff. Heavily recommend their discord too.

  25. Always print big models in parts. A this is to big for even saturn style printers and the suction will kill your print.

  26. Left and right are missing contrast. U can make them far more appealing (tufts etc.). Middle has it and is already miles ahead. And left and right need wash + drubrush

  27. Win on secondaries! Build your army around them. Then he will need to engage and u can pick the rights u want with Incubbi, Draz, Archon,Succubus, Grots and co.

  28. Scourges are always an good utility tool (naked or max with shredders, there are far better platforms for lances). Another option would be mandrakes. Both will serve u well in bigger games too. They are great for objective play.

  29. Best paint job I've seen on an Edge Miniatures Grotesque, where/how did you get such a sharp 3D Print?

  30. Oh rly nothing special. It is only 0.05 layers. Just well dialed in exposure and his presupports are rly good. This was printed on an elegoo mars pro, that I upgraded with an mono screen (chitu). So only 2k nothing crazy. Glad u like the paint job. In fact I am kind of surprised how well it turned out. Its 90% AP Speedpaints.

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