1. Christ died for the....church? I thought it was for our sins?

  2. No he died because he was the carpenter that build that church hammered a nail in his hand and bled to death

  3. Totally preventable. This is why we have a need for strict job site safety regulations. PPE is a must on any construction site.

  4. I'm loving that gyro copter landing pad.

  5. I need to do an in-depth tutorial on the roof at some point.

  6. You absolutely need to make a tutorial on that roof!! Well done! This is the level of building I aspire to reach...lol!

  7. Only in America do people in PRISON get three free meals a day and nobody says a word. But, these kids gotta pay up or starve! What the actual fuck....

  8. I’ve never thought of building a dock. That’s such a great idea 🤩

  9. Although not necessary, it's great for keeping your boats in a secure area.

  10. I'm still trying to find the perfect height.

  11. They are adapting to the many people that have stabbed their brethren

  12. After I kill a giant crab, I always feel like the rest of the crabs on the island are trying to avenge its death.

  13. I tried that, but I really struggled to find an area suitable to out the foundation. Plus, it does take a little trial and error to get the height exactly right, no?

  14. You're just a few positive Yelp reviews from turning that bad boy into a resort!

  15. I play on xbox as well, as has already been said, only you can attract sharks, or the motion of your raft (when sailing).

  16. Great info, thank you! I'll definitely add you, maybe we can get a co-op game going. I used the airtank to make a spear gun. Males hunting so much easier. My question about that air tank, when you're using it underwater, does it ever run out of air? My speargun says it's invincible, so unlimited air?

  17. Make an anchor, and make sure you set it EVERYTIME you leave your raft. I only hunt sharks near land, and I put my back against something, stones, wrecks, cliff edge etc. They still get me once in a while, so I always have four bandages on me, but I don't try to hunt them from above water. [Edit for autocorrect and my fat fingers].

  18. Thank you for the advice! I'm a master hunter for everything on land, but the water still gives me the chills.

  19. I came here for the comments. Was not disappointed.

  20. As SOON as that ceiling collapsed, I'd burn the house down. Just call it a total loss. I'm out...lol!

  21. My first time through playing this game, I was poisoned after being attacked by a boar. No antidote, no bandages. Tragic, I know. But, as my health was draining, it was perfectly timed with the sun going down. And as messed up as it was, the metaphor was beautiful. I stood there just watching the sun set. As it dipped below the horizon, my guy's knees buckled and died.

  22. Sigh. I don’t know if these questions are just ignorant or made in bad faith. If you really want answers to your questions, you could spend some time learning that watermelon and fried chicken were often used as racist tropes to depict a group of people once treated as cattle in this country, then treated as second class human beings, and still discriminated against today. No other group has even come close to the experiences of Black Americans, making your comparisons meaningless. Tacos literally are a food from Mexico. The Irish comparison is laughable on its face. Hope this helps.

  23. I would argue that the Indigenous people of this land have had it just as bad, and the appropriation/mockery of their culture continues to this day.

  24. I agree with you. I got caught up in the silly examples provided.

  25. In doing a little research, I did find that watermelon does have deep roots in black history. After the Civil War, freed slaves were allowed to own land and farm on it. However, there were restrictions against what they could farm. Watermelon was among one of those crops. But, today that is largely ignored and used as just another stereotype for Black Americans.

  26. What type of resources are on the carrier? Obviously, not anything renewable, but is there corrugated scrap or lots of tools or engine parts?

  27. So far, yes. The crop on the left eventually ran out of water, not sure what happened there. But the crop on the right is still going strong after two harvests.

  28. I was thinking that. Gotta make some more planks

  29. So, I see the F-14's, F-18's, A-6 and C-2's. What's the other plane?

  30. Out of all your family members, who did you sexually abuse the most?

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